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Tired of in-contract prices rises and want to know how to beat the broadband price hikes?

Here at toob we want to help make sure you’re getting the best value for your money, and not paying more for the same old broadband speeds.

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
£25 a month on our 18 month contract
no in-contract price rises
unlimited usage
no line rental
free installation (usually £49!)

better broadband starts here

Paying over-the-odds for under-performing broadband? It’s time to leave buffering broadband and slow speeds in the past and embrace the future of toob’s 100% full-fibre broadband.

Get incredibly fast 900 Mbps download and 900 Mbps upload speeds for just £25 a month. Fixed for the duration of your 18 month contract.

in-contract price rises?
not on our watch!

Annual price hikes are unfortunately common, with many ISPs raising their prices above the rate of inflation.

We don’t think that’s fair, which is why here at toob, you can expect no in-contract price rises or hidden charges on your bill. Which means you can relax knowing exactly what your bill will be, each and every month.

Take a look at how much prices will be increasing mid-contract for Virgin Media, TalkTalk, EE and BT this year:

is your bill going up?

If you’re with another provider and the price of your broadband increases unexpectedly, you might be able to cancel your contract without paying early-exit fees.

Ofcom advises that when an ISP increases your monthly price beyond what you agreed when you signed up, it should give you at least one month’s notice of the price rise, and allow you to exit your contract without penalty if you choose to. Consult your contract, or price rise letter, to see if you’re eligible today.

why do customers choose toob?

unlimited usage & no throttling (even at peak time!)
future-proof fibre, all the way to your home
professional engineer installation
local customer service available 7 days a week
no in-contract price rises
broadband only with no line rental

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graph showing in-contract price rises for illustrative purposes only. total percentage increase based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation (10.5% in January 2023 according to ONS) plus an additional 3.9% (3.7% for TalkTalk). all figures correct as of 31st January 2023.

Ofcom advice on price rises: