Whether you’re creating and sharing social content or streaming your fave artists, toob full-fibre broadband has got you covered.

Because we own our network, we can deliver you the fastest speeds at an ultra-low price! Switch broadband providers for the very last time & join the full-fibre revolution with toob.

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
Unlimited usage
No in-contract price rises
No line rental
Fixed & flexible contract options
Free installation: limited time only!

share snaps in a flash

What’s the point in taking photos and videos if you can’t immediately share them with your friends and followers, right? With toob full-fibre broadband you can upload up to 68x faster* than the UK average – that’s a 5GB file transfer in under a minute! So you can snap happy and upload to the ‘gram quicker than ever before.

*source: Ofcom UK Home Broadband Performance Report, September 2022

bye-bye buffering

Nobody likes it when a song or video just won’t play… Or worse, when it stops loading halfway throu-

toob full-fibre broadband allows you – and the rest of your household – to listen or stream your favourite artists, vloggers and podcasters all at the same time and in crystal-clear, ultra HD or 4K without the b-b-b-buffering and battle for bandwidth.

900 Mbps
symmetrical upload & download speed
9 seconds
all it takes to upload 100 images (1GB) to the cloud
47 seconds
download a 5GB high definition movie
8 minutes
download and install a 50GB console update or game

work smarter, not harder

Who has the time (or patience!) to sit through hours of cloud backups or software updates these days? If you’ve been putting off backing up your phone to the cloud or upgrading your computer’s operating system because it takes sooooo long, we get it. But it’s not worth the risk of losing treasured memories and photos. That’s why toob delivers 900 Mbps download & upload speeds, meaning your standard 136GB update will take just 20 minutes instead of 6 hours!

what else does toob offer?

future-proof fibre, straight into your home
no unexpected in-contract price-rises
dedicated customer service team available 7 days a week
no unnecessary bundles or line rental

pick your perfect package

Here at toob our values are simple – to deliver a fast & affordable internet access so that everybody can enjoy the benefits of a full-fibre broadband connection. We offer two contracts to suit every need: a fixed 18 month contract for just £25 or a commitment-free rolling option for just £33 a month.

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