embracing the full-fibre revolution with toob

We’re pleased to share Mr & Mrs Wood’s story on how they are using toob’s hyperspeed connection to transform the way they are using the internet.

“We were copper wired with our previous provider and the connection was horrendously slow, then to add to our frustrations we would receive the worst customer service!

I would end up avoiding using the internet unless necessary, just because of how long it would take to load up any content making me feel unhappy and frustrated!

I would watch in despair my computer trying to connect for up to 15 minutes to just make a blip and then fail. But now with toob, checking my emails is a joy. I am now able to download documents in a matter of seconds.”

“When you don’t have a good or reliable broadband service, you are unaware of what is available to you or know what amazing things you can see, do and experience online.

The biggest change for us is just knowing our internet is always connected, unlike before where our connection would continuously disconnect!

Now we are connected to toob, we have since been introduced to the world of streaming. We use an Amazon Fire TV Stick and it’s great that we can watch shows whenever we want on our television. We still haven’t explored everything as there is so much to learn, but we are getting there slowly.”


Everyone from toob has been wonderful, they have gone above and beyond when offering to help us. Thank you!”

would you recommend toob?

OH YES! TO EVERYONE! We are so happy we are connected with toob and will enjoy exploring all the new possibilities available to us. Thank you so much!”

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about toob

We are a full-fibre broadband provider investing £50 million into Southampton’s digital infastructure by deploying our own network thoughout the city, offering residential and business customers a 900Mbps symmetrical hyperspeed broadband service.

We will be deploying our network to 100,000 properties over the next two years, with a view to connect a total of over 1 million properties across the South of England.

Our full-fibre home broadband service is currently available for order to thousands of properties across the city. As our engineers work hard we are able to launch live areas every week with the view to connect the whole of the city by the end of 2021.

If you are interested in having the fastest full-fibre broadband in your home you can get started here