23rd September 2022  

Despite the unstable economic climate, full-fibre broadband provider toob has announced that their no in-contract price rises policy is here to stay.

toob offers a service that brings traditional fibre (that usually stops at the green cabinet in your street) all the way into your home. This gives residents a stronger, more reliable and faster connection for £25 a month on an 18 month contract. With other broadband providers, this superior connection typically costs residents circa £60 per month.

Many broadband providers are set to raise their bills further in the coming months, like BT who due to a “challenging economic environment and rising costs” plan to strike millions of households with a further increase in their broadband bills, which will stand above the inflation rate.

BT-ing the price hikes

BT’s broadband contracts currently state that the price for their broadband services will not only increase annually by inflation but an additional 3.9% increase will be added on top.

Broadband price increases are due to come in the early part of next year, as 2023 will continue to see surging living costs and the inflation rate (currently 9.9%) set to remain high; piling the pounds onto residents’ bills across the UK. This comes as worrying news for residents who are already feeling the pinch as energy and food bills are rising sharply.

BT is unfortunately not alone, with most other broadband providers having similar price increases in their customer contracts based on inflation rate plus an additional percentage.

toob will not be one of them.

no ifs, no buts

Nick Parbutt explains his rationale behind the low pricing for the superior connection to our network:

“I firmly believe that when you sign a contract you should know what you are going to pay for the duration of the contract, it appears only right and fair. With household costs rising, I think it is even more important that our customers can sign up for toob’s broadband and know what they are going to pay throughout the length of the contract, no ifs, no buts.  

“No in-contract price rises will therefore be something that our customers can trust us to maintain, particularly in these challenging times.”   

Residents are already feeling the benefits to their wallets. toob customer Bernard said: “£25 a month is great and will help save me £40 a month with Virgin, and in these times of inflation that’s very helpful.”

If you are feeling the squeeze and are in contract with any of the bigger providers, take a look at your contract Ts and Cs and make a change. Unlock unbeatable seeds with toob for only £25 a month across an 18 month contract or keeps things flexible on our monthly rolling contract! Check your postcode below and find the deal that works for you.

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