check your provider's broadband price increases

broadband prices are set to increase in 2023

As the cost of living carries on rising, toob has seen that broadband prices are going to be increasing in 2023. The cause of this price rise is due to a variety of factors, but it makes the right time to compare prices offered by different providers.

We’ve developed a price increase calculator to help you understand the broadband price hikes across different broadband providers in the UK.

Your current contract details

If you don't know when this is, check one of your provider's bills or onboarding email or give an estimate.


If you don't know the exact amount, please provide an estimate.

from April 2023 when the mid-contract price rise takes effect:

It looks like your contract expires before the next mid-contract price rise comes into effect, so it's unlikely your current contract will increase (but keep an eye out!).

We recommend shopping around before you sign your next contract – and choose a broadband provider that won’t hit you with a mid-contract price increase.