It’s time to stop settling for over-priced and under-performing broadband. Here at toob, we believe everyone should have affordable access to a fast & reliable full-fibre internet connection.

Our 900 Mbps symmetrical download and upload speeds set us apart from the rest, especially at the ultra-low price of just £25 a month!

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
ping between 3-6 milliseconds
unlimited usage
no throttling, even at peak time
no in-contract price rises
fixed & flexible contract options
free installation: limited time only!


900 Mbps in action!

Did you know… The average broadband speed in the UK* is 59.4 Mbps for download and only 13.2 Mbps for upload. With toob full-fibre broadband you can download 15x faster and upload 68x faster than the UK average! Why would you wait 6 hours for a software update when it could be done in as little as 20 minutes?

*source: Ofcom UK Home Broadband Performance Report, September 2022

unlimited fun for the whole household

Don’t suffer the buffer! toob full-fibre broadband allows you to do it all: stream, surf, work and play all at the same time without the battle for bandwidth or slowdown. Even at peak time!

900 Mbps
symmetrical upload & download speed
9 seconds
all it takes to upload 100 images (1GB) to the cloud
47 seconds
download a 5GB high definition movie
8 minutes
download and install a 50GB console update or game

test your internet speed

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