27th December 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, most of us will be reflecting back on our year and looking forward to 2022. If you’re starting to think about your goals for the year ahead, here are some positive and achievable resolutions that you can reach, with the help of toob‘s strong full-fibre broadband, backed up by some interesting stats from 2021…

improve your health

Keeping ourselves fit and healthy is becoming more and more digitised with ‘online training’ and ‘wearable tech’ in the top 2 Fitness Trends for 2021. We’re relying on the internet to track our fitness goals, look up healthy recipes, follow online classes and even hook up our smartwatches. With toob‘s full-fibre broadband connection, you can literally bring the gym into your home, making it even easier to keep to your fitness resolutions going.

be kind

In January this year (2021), there were a staggering 53 million social media users in the UK alone. Its popularity is so huge, that it has become a daily staple in our lives with an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day spent on our favourite platforms. Last year, social media trolling was bought to light and the #bekind movement gained momentum. toob is an advocate for kindness on and offline, regularly donating and volunteering with local charities and encourage us all to be kind.

invest in relationships

During the second quarter of 2021, 38.5% of internet users worldwide, reported making video calls using their mobile devices and smartphones. With the pandemic being unpredictable and restrictions ever-changing, staying close to our family and friends is vital for our mental health and wellbeing. With full-fibre you’ll be able to hold HD video calls without the jitter and drop-outs, keeping you connected to the ones who matter the most.

look after your finances

The internet has revolutionised the way we pay, save and spend with 4 in 5 (80%) of us using some form of online banking in the UK. If you’re looking to save some of the pennies this year, as so many of our household bills are rising, toob can help. We’re around half the price of other providers at just £25 per month with no in-contract price rises! Getting online, and looking after your money has never been easier.

read more 

Reading books can positively impact your life, which is why this resolution is usually top of the New Year To-Do List! Benefits include strengthening the brain, building vocabulary and preventing cognitive decline, reducing stress and alleviating depression. With 24% of us Brits now reading online, toob‘s full-fibre broadband can ensure those e-readers and audiobooks download in minutes, not hours, giving you more time to read and less time to wait.

take up a new hobby

If you’ve ever wanted to get in to a hobby, the internet is your first port of call. Streaming channels such as YouTube now have over 37 million channels so you can teach yourself how to cook, macramé, play the guitar, and ‘how to’ yourselves up to the eyeballs! The benefits of having a full-fibre connection means that streaming is a pretty seamless, buffer-free experience so there’s no excuses why you can’t get your next project finished!

get greener

Climate change is quite literally a hot topic at present, and changing some of your habits this new year, could positively impact the environment. Full-fibre emits 88% less greenhouse gas per 1GB than copper and cable technologies due to its lower energy requirement. It’s not often you can genuinely get more, for less, but this is it! More speed, more bandwidth, for less money and less emissions…win, win, win, win!

learn a new skill

Online courses have revolutionised education, allowing us to gain qualifications from the comfort and convenience of our own homes. E-lessons are also helping us educate our children through the pandemic. In January alone, Google Classroom was downloaded 603,000 times! With toob‘s strong connection, you’ll be able to stay on track in class meaning you can learn better, increase your motivation, confidence, health and happiness. The hardest part will be choosing which new skill to pick!

make new friends

Friendships have suffered the most among a YouGov survey, with 61% of us Brits now feeling less close to each other. Reconnecting and making new friends are great new year resolutions to increase your sense of belonging, reduce stress and enrich your life. toob is a constant friend, ensuring you get the reliability to connect online and stay online, so you can be there to make new friends through those new e-courses, hobbies and online gym lessons you’ve taken up!

go somewhere you’ve never been

This year, we’ve been more focussed on local travel than international. Searches for local B&Bs increased by 20% in January 2021 compared to late 2020, a sign that our travel habits have shifted closer to home instead of around the world. With toob‘s 900 Mbps symmetrical speeds, you can search and surf online quickly to look up your local area, and find new places to explore, closer to home.

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