Southampton is the first city to benefit from toob’s full-fibre network delivering download speeds 14x faster and upload speeds 64x faster than the UK average. (Source: Ofcom May 2020)

900 Mbps upload speed
900 Mbps download speed
Money back SLA
Intelligent mesh wi-fi
Premium installation only £149 (ex VAT)

Be part of the full-fibre revolution!

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your business deserves the fastest and most reliable broadband

Our full-fibre business broadband will allow you to reach your customers without having to leave the comfort of your office.

Teamed with our local customer support and 48 hour SLA, we ensure your business stays connected to the world, so you can concentrate on the things that matter.

download media and data in seconds, not minutes

see how fast you can download with our full-fibre here

back up your systems in minutes, not hours

see how fast you can upload with our full-fibre here

upload speed designed for the cloud

Cloud based services like Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce and Microsoft 365 need an upload speed that is as fast and reliable as the download speed.
Our symmetrical 900 Mbps broadband is the perfect solution to unlock the full potential of these services for your business.

collaboration made easy

Communication apps like Skype, Slack and Microsoft Teams require a fast and reliable broadband connection to avoid any interruptions.
Our service provides the speed you need so your whole business to work more efficiently.

improving your customer experience

Our full-fibre broadband service gives you the freedom to offer guest wi-fi access for your customers. With millions of posts being published online everyday, free internet access allows your business to be available for the world to see.

secure your business data

We know the pain of using a slow broadband connection to back up your business data.
Our upload speed unlocks the security of the cloud, allowing you to back up your data without slowing your business down.

why do businesses choose toob?

unlimited usage
future-proof fibre
all the way to YOUR business
customer service available
7 days a week
premium installation
powerful wi-fi
with smart channel selection
locally based business support

your business needs broadband that’s full-fibre ready

We provide the latest technology for businesses with:

  • a powerful wi-fi signal throughout your premises, thanks to our 7-antenna router
  • dual band wi-fi with smart channel selection to ensure you always have the best connection for your employees and customers
  • 4 gigabit ethernet ports to allow seamless integration with all devices within your business

customer support based locally to you

Our customer support team are based locally, so they have better sight of what is happening in your area.
Our engineers are then able to intervene quicker, so that any issues can be fixed with minimal downtime.

keeping connected

Our full-fibre hyperspeed broadband enables you to keep in contact with your clients and suppliers at all times.

Whether it’s wi-fi calling, instant messaging or video conferencing, our business broadband allows you to do all of these things no matter what‘s happening with the rest of the business.

Need to keep a landline?
This can be done through our partner Vonage