Your business deserves the fastest and most reliable broadband. With toob’s full-fibre network, your business will benefit from download speeds 12x faster and upload speeds 48x faster than the UK average* with no slowdown at peak time.

business broadband package includes:

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
unlimited usage
free static IP (optional)
free mesh wi-fi extender (optional)
premium installation only £149 (excluding VAT)
no in-contract price rises

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the future of broadband, today

Full-fibre is the UK’s fastest and most reliable broadband technology. Unleash your business’ full potential with toob’s full-fibre broadband.

download media and data in seconds, not minutes

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back up your systems in minutes, not hours

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upload speed designed for the cloud

Cloud-based services like Adobe Creative Suite, Salesforce and Microsoft 365 all need an upload speed that’s as fast and reliable as the download speed. Our symmetrical 900 Mbps broadband is the perfect solution to unlock the full potential of your business. 

improving your customer’s experience

Our full-fibre business broadband service allows you the freedom to offer guest wi-fi access for your customers. You’re online everyday, as are your visitors, so providing an easily-accessible way to access the internet is a no-brainer!

secure your business data

We understand the frustration of using a slow broadband connection to back up your business data. Our upload speed unlocks the security of the cloud, allowing you to back up your data without slowing down everyone else.

why do businesses choose toob?

unlimited usage
future-proof fibre
all the way to your business
customer service available
7 days a week
premium installation
powerful wi-fi
with smart channel selection
locally-based business support

your business needs broadband that’s full-fibre ready

We provide the latest technology for businesses by providing:

  • a powerful wi-fi signal throughout your premises, thanks to our 7-antenna router
  • dual band wi-fi with smart channel selection to ensure you always have the best connection for your employees and customers
  • 4 gigabit ethernet ports to allow seamless integration with all devices within your business

customer support based locally to you

Our customer support team are based locally, so they have better sight of what is happening in your area. This means our engineers are then able to intervene quicker, so that any issues can be fixed with minimal downtime.

keeping you connected

Communication is vital when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with your clients and suppliers. Whether it’s wi-fi calling, instant messaging or video conferencing, our full-fibre broadband enables you to do all of these things seamlessly and in full high-definition without any interruption, regardless of who else might be undertaking bandwidth-intensive activities in your business.

Prefer to keep your landline?
No problem! You can do this using our partner Vonage