toob is a brand new full-fibre broadband provider on a mission to transform the South of England’s internet experience.

Our network runs independently and is built using fibre optic cables that connects directly into your home or business. We use existing ducts and poles wherever possible so that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our network does not rely on the old copper-based networks used to deliver today’s broadband services. This enables us to offer 14x faster download speeds & 64x faster upload speeds than the UK average!

As we start to build in your street, you’ll probably have some questions, please see our FAQs below:

construction FAQs

Most of the construction work will take place on the pavement, but there might be times when we need to build the network across a road. We’ll keep any disruption to a minimum.

Yes. Occasionally, a narrow trench will be dug in the pavement to make space for the fibre.

These trenches will go past driveway entrances, but they can be covered to allow you to cross them safely – just ask the team.

The pavement will be reinstated as close to the original surface as possible by reusing existing paving slabs or covering with new tarmac. New tarmac will fade over time to better match the original surface.

There may be some debris on the ground after the build, particularly if the weather is poor, however, the team will return and clean the streets once your area is complete.

Construction outside your home will usually take a maximum of two days to complete.

Teams work between 7am and 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

The construction process will sometimes include loud machinery which has to be used at certain points. Teams will not start any loud works until after 8am.

You may be asked to move your car to enable the work to be carried out. To help keep the build moving quickly, please do not park on the pavement during construction.

You can check our current and planned roadworks in your area at Please note that also provides information about the roadworks undertaken by other companies.

If you have any questions/complaints or encounter any issues during construction, please speak with a site supervisor or call the toob helpline on 0800 368 9458 or email

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