toob is a brand new full-fibre broadband provider on a mission to transform the South of England’s internet experience.

Our network runs independently and is built using fibre optic cables that connects directly into your home or business. We use existing ducts and poles wherever possible so that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our network does not rely on the old copper-based networks used to deliver today’s broadband services. This enables us to offer 12x faster download speeds & 48x faster upload speeds than the UK average!

As we start to build in your street, you’ll probably have some questions so we have outlined the construction process below.

the process

Our planning team go out on site to survey all the underground ducts serving homes and businesses in the planned coverage area. A plan is then drawn up for exactly where the fibre, new ducts, street cabinets and additional underground and overground equipment will go. We work within all relevant government and regulatory guidelines when deciding the best location for the installation of new cabinets and equipment.

The information gained from the planning and survey work shapes the actual network build programme. Ducts and poles are constructed, and we markup pavement where we need to put equipment or where work is required. We use a range of methods including narrow trenching and using existing or new underground ducts or existing or new utility poles for aerial connections.

You can check our current and planned roadworks in your area at Please note that also provides information about the roadworks undertaken by other companies.

In this stage we feed our cables through the ducts and begin physically laying out network, finding the correct fibres to fuse together and installing new fibre – to make sure that the fibre optic light is travelling down the right fibre, installing the electronic equipment in the exchange and undertaking light and other tests to ensure there are no other faults on the fibre network.

Once all the above steps have been completed – you’re good to go!

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construction FAQs

We are working hard to deliver full-fibre broadband, to benefit everyone in the community. We typically aim to use existing infrastructure to get our new fibre cables to you, specifically to avoid any unnecessary disruption for our future customers.

On some occasions these options might not already exist or cannot be used, so we may complete additional work (such as installing cabinets, ducting or poles) to ensure we can provide service in your area.

We always try our hardest to keep any risk of disruption to a minimum. Most construction work will take place on the pavement, but there may be times when we need to build the network across a road. Rest assured that our teams will do all they can to complete this work quickly – and provide alternative arrangements where required.

Yes. Our construction crews will be clearly visible throughout the build and will provide full assistance and cooperation to ensure that you are able to access your property, either on foot or by vehicle. If your driveway or path is impacted by the construction at a time when you need to use it, crews will remove any barriers and cover any open trenches for you.

Teams work between 7am and 7pm, however engineers will not start any loud activity until after 8am. Construction will usually take 1 to 5 days to complete.

Parts of the construction process will sometimes include the use of loud machinery. Teams will not start any loud works until after 8am – and will carefully plan work to ensure this is kept to a minimum.

There may be a small amount of debris on the ground shortly after the build, particularly if the weather has been poor. Rest assured, our teams will endeavour to clean up once construction has completed in your area.

The pavement will be reinstated as close to the original surface as possible, by reusing existing paving slabs or covering with new tarmac. New tarmac will fade over time to provide a better match to the original surface and we may sometimes lay a new, temporary surface to ensure the safety of residents.

To help keep work moving quickly, please do not park on the pavement during construction. You may be asked to move your car as a precaution if work is taking place nearby.

Availability will be specific to your address. All work will be tested by area to ensure that it meets our strict quality controls and is ready for service. We can notify you once toob becomes available to order by registering your interest here. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems during construction, please speak to one of our on-site team or contact the toob customer service team on 023 9300 9300 or email so we can discuss your query.

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*“UK’s most reliable broadband technology” source: Ofcom 2023. UK average speed comparison source: Ofcom Home Broadband Performance Report 2023.