You can now benefit from toob‘s full-fibre broadband with no commitment on our 1 month rolling contract. Experience download speeds 12x faster and upload speeds 48x faster than the UK average!*

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
flexible & commitment-free
unlimited usage
no line rental
only £37 a month on a rolling contract
free installation: limited time only!

Join the full-fibre revolution!

looking for flexible broadband?

Our 1 month rolling contract is perfect if you are a student, have a short term rental agreement or simply do not want to commit to an 18 month contract.

With toob’s full-fibre freedom you still receive the same unbeatable hyperspeeds with unlimited usage and no line rental at a very affordable price.

download films & boxsets in seconds, not minutes

see how quick downloading with full-fibre is here

upload to the cloud in seconds, not hours

see how quick uploading with full-fibre is here

unlimited use for the whole house

Finally, you can all stream, download/upload, work and online shop at the same time, any time of the day in confidence knowing that your broadband is reliable with no data restrictions or slowing speeds.

working at home stress free

When it comes to working or studying at home, an unreliable broadband connection is the most frustrating thing that can happen. You can trust our full-fibre service to always be there when it’s deadline time! Say goodbye once and for all to stressing over slow speeds and unreliable broadband connections.

start winning in hyperspeed

Download and install the latest updates in seconds before any of your mates. Stay focused and win like a pro with no slowdowns and the lowest ping in the game. Streaming on Twitch has never been so easy!

stream on multiple devices at the same time

Our full-fibre broadband is the perfect partner for streaming all your favourite TV or sports, whether it’s through Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Apple TV+ or NOW TV.

Whatever you decide to watch, toob‘s full-fibre broadband will enhance your experience.

keeping connected

Staying in touch with your family and friends is our priority. Whether they are overseas or just around the corner, you can easily Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp without any interruptions whilst others are streaming, uploading large files or gaming at the same time.

Still need a landline?
Visit our partner Vonage

what else does toob offer?

unlimited usage
future-proof fibre, straight to your home
dedicated customer service team available 7 days a week
no line rental

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full-fibre broadband needs a router that’s full-fibre ready

Our router embeds the latest technology, making sure all the devices throughout your home stay connected all at the same time.

what’s so great about it?

  • it has a powerful wi-fi signal thanks to its 7-antenna and beamforming technology
  • with dual band wi-fi and smart channel selection it ensure you always have the best connection
  • our router has 4 gigabit ethernet ports so you can make the most of your Playstation, Xbox or PC over a wired connection