toob is a brand new full-fibre broadband provider on a mission to transform the South Coast’s internet experience.

With its network launching later this year in Southampton, toob will deliver the city’s fastest broadband service, enabling homes, businesses, public services and community groups to experience its life-changing hyper-speed connectivity.

Founded by an experienced team from some of the world’s biggest telecommunications brands, toob offers simple, affordable access to its hyper-speed network so everyone in the community can benefit, regardless of income, technical knowledge or age.

With its headquarters in Portsmouth, toob has a bold plan to open up its network to more than a million premises across the South Coast over the next 10 years and want to play an active role in helping the communities around the area to thrive.

If you would like to join us on our journey, check out the current vacancies on our LinkedIn page.

For more information, visit our news centre here

900 Mbps
Symmetrical upload
& download speed
9 Seconds
All it takes to upload
100 images (1GB)
47 Seconds
Download a High Definition
movie (5GB)
8 Minutes
Download a 50GB
X-Box or PS4 game

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