toob full-fibre broadband has arrived in Aldershot, Hale & Badshot Lea

We are delighted to announce that we are now taking orders in Aldershot, Hale & Badshot Lea!

We have been delivering full-fibre broadband connections since 2019 and thousands of residents and businesses are now enjoying our 900 Mbps download and 900 Mbps upload service, making them some of the best connected in the South of England. Our full-fibre broadband network is expanding all the time, so register your interest to stay up to date with the progress of our roll out and be the first to know when you can order.

why choose toob?

Does your connectivity let you down when you need it most? Do you feel like you’re paying too much for too little? Or that the very best broadband service isn’t available within your budget?

If the answer is yes! to all or any of the above, and you live or work in Aldershot, Hale, or Badshot Lea, then we have some exciting news for you!

We are toob full-fibre broadband and we’re on a mission to bring you the broadband speed you need.

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Here at toob, we’re able to deliver 900 Mbps download and 900 Mbps upload speeds straight into your home for just £25 a month (on an 18 month contract, £29 thereafter)!

Our unlimited usage promise means there’s no data cap to worry about and we won’t throttle your speeds – even at peak time.

toob delivers a broadband-only service which means no unnecessary line rental charges or complicated pricing options with unexpected mid-contract price rises… Just fast and reliable full-fibre broadband.

Sound good?

Click here to register your interest with us today!

frequently asked questions

Simply put, there are four main phases in the roll out of our new full-fibre network:

future build  These areas have been earmarked for our full-fibre service in the future.
in design  We’re carefully reviewing the best way to deliver our new network in the area.
in build  We’ll be at varying stages of construction and quality testing before service goes on sale here.
taking orders  Service is available to order in these areas.

Delivery to individual buildings may require additional infrastructure or local agreements before we can make them available to order. Please register your interest to be the first to know when the service is available to order at your address.

We aim to connect the whole of Aldershot with our full-fibre network. Please click here to register your interest!

toob’s full-fibre network brings a new high-speed cable straight into the premises, meaning that your entire connection uses fibre optic technology. This ensures that you can enjoy full 900 Mbps speed with no slowdown over distance (or because of the number of users) when using a wired connection.

The majority of traditional ‘fibre’ broadband sold today is only a fibre connection up the green or grey cabinet in the street. From there it uses the old copper phoneline to deliver broadband to your address, leaving it open to slower speeds (due to interference) and is often impacted by how many people are sharing the connection to the cabinet.

toob broadband will deliver upload and download speeds of 900 Mbps to your home.

But what does this mean?
You’ll be able to download a movie in little more than 30 seconds, upload all your holiday snaps to cloud storage in seconds and, most importantly, everyone in your home will be able to use the internet for what they want, at the same time be it working, streaming or gaming with no buffering or slowdown.

Since we operate our own high-speed network, we work incredibly hard to deliver these speeds to your home, on your capable devices, when using a wired connection. A new fibre optic cable will be used to provide service to your address, ensuring fantastic end-to-end performance free from interference or reduced speeds at peak times.

Unlike most other broadband providers, no we don’t!

Your data usage is completely unlimited and we do not restrict our online traffic – two of the many benefits of joining the toob network. Please also view our Acceptable Usage Policy.

No. You will benefit from a fixed price for the duration of your contract. In other words: no in-contract price rises! The price may fluctuate outside of your contract period, but you are always free to recommit to a new contract – and lock in our best price for even longer.

Of course! You can enjoy all the benefits that our full-fibre broadband provides. Depending on how many apartments there are, we may be seeking additional permission from the freeholder before we can pre-install our service throughout the building. Please ensure that we have the best contact details for your property management team. Email to see how you can help bring toob into your building in the future.

We are working hard to deliver full-fibre broadband, to benefit everyone in the community. We typically aim to use existing infrastructure to get our new fibre cables to you, specifically to avoid any unnecessary disruption for our future customers.

On some occasions these options might not already exist or cannot be used, so we may complete additional work (such as installing cabinets, ducting or poles) to ensure we can provide service in your area.

Customers that have already registered their interest will always be the first to receive the good news. It’s easy to do, simply register your interest on our website so we can notify you just as soon as the service is available to order for your address.

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