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Did you know, as a toob customer if you refer a friend or neighbour and they sign up to our £25 a month, 18 month full-fibre broadband, you’ll both receive a £25 Gift Card? Plus, there is no limit to the number of people that can be referred.

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how it works

step 1

tell your friends & neighbours about toob

step 2

they place an order for our full-fibre broadband*

step 3

they register their referral at**

*with 18 month contracts only.
**all they need is their order number and your email address (they must register their referral within 5 days of ordering).

frequently asked questions

As a toob customer you can refer as many friends as you like and you will get a £25 Amazon voucher for every successful referral. For details on how to get your voucher, see below.

If you’ve been referred, you can only get one promotional offer. This will be the highest value offer that you have requested.

To refer a friend you must already be a toob broadband customer with live service or have placed an order pending installation.
  • Step 1: Tell your friends about our full-fibre broadband.
  • Step 2: They place an order for our 18 month home broadband contract.
  • Step 3: They register their referral at! All they need is their order number and your email address – the same one that is registered to your toob account.
The referral must be submitted within 5 days of your friend placing their order to be successful.
You’ll both receive your voucher code directly from Amazon, by email within 30 days of their service going live!

As many as you wish! As long as you’re a toob customer, and your friend is a new customer to toob, on an 18 month home broadband contract, and lives at a different address to you.

Completing the form in time is important. If the form is not completed within 5 days of placing the order, neither of you will receive your voucher code.

If your friend cancels their order before the end of their 14 day cooling-off period, neither of you will receive a voucher code.

If you think that one of your friends has placed an order, but you haven’t heard anything yet, check with your friend to see if they placed an order and submitted the online form at within 5 days.

Remember, they must provide the email address registered to your toob account to verify the referral. Once your friend’s service has gone live, you’ll both receive your Amazon voucher code by email up to 30 days later.

If your friend has followed these steps and you still haven’t heard anything, ask them to email mailto: and we’ll do our best to help.

Our refer a friend promotion only applies to new 18 month home broadband orders, but feel free to spread the word if someone you know will benefit from our full-fibre broadband on a rolling or business contract!

refer a friend promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer