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Please login to your toob account here

In your account you will be able to select a new appointment.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0800 368 9458 and we will rearrange your appointment.

We may charge a fee for last minute changes after 2pm the day before your installation.

Installation usually takes 1-2 hours as our engineers will need to bring the fibre cable into your home from the nearest street cabinet, either via underground ducting or overhead poles.

If you live in a flat or an apartment, then the installation will usually take around an hour.

In some cases, installation can take longer, for example, should we need to cover a longer distance, cross concrete or block paving to reach your home.

For all installations, our engineer will agree the route and timing of the fibre installation with you before they start work.

We will connect a fibre cable to your home (either underground or via existing telegraph poles) and install a small fibre box inside your home into which we’ll plug your router.

In some properties we’ll need to bury a cable between your home and pavement but don’t worry, it’s only a small cable and we’ll tidy up when we’re done.

Once we have connected your toob wi-fi router we’ll check your service and get you connected to wi-fi before tidying up and leaving you to enjoy hyperspeed broadband.

We will normally install the fibre box near your existing telephone point, but the engineer will discuss this with you when they arrive.

If any furniture needs to be moved, we’d need you to move it for us.

We will need access to at least one power socket nearby to power both the fibre box and wi-fi router.

toob are not able to cancel your existing broadband service so you will need to contact your existing provider to do so.

To ensure you are not left without any internet service, we recommend you do not schedule the disconnection of your existing service until your toob broadband installation has been completed.

Your router needs to be connected to the fibre termination wall box using the provided router cable.

Full details of the set up process can be found in our installation guide below.

There are several ways in which you can connect to your routers wi-fi :

Connect using wi-fi: use the wi-fi details on the back of the router or the wi-fi reference card, or scan the QR code on the router or reference card.

Connect using Ethernet: you can connect up to 4 devices via the yellow LAN (Local Area Network) ports on the back of the router.

Connect using WPS (wi-fi protected setup): press the wi-fi pairing button to activate WPS on the router. Then follow the instructions for WPS setup on your wi-fi device.
Note: ensure your wi-fi device is in the same room as your router when attempting to pair using WPS.

You will get the best results with a wired connection using a good quality ethernet cable. Depending on the capability of the device you are using, you should see up to 900Mbps upload and download.

Wi-fi speeds will vary considerably depending on the capability of the device you are using, plus a number of environmental factors including router position, wall thickness and interference from other wi-fi sources.

Your wi-fi router is dual-band, meaning there are two frequencies over which the wi-fi works. The wireless band you are connected to also impacts speed. Generally, the 5GHz channel will give faster speeds and the 2.4GHz channel has a longer range.

Your device should automatically select which band is best when it connects to the router.

You can test your broadband speed using one of the Ookla speedtest apps available here.

We recommend performing the speedtest on your computer, as mobile devices are not powerful enough to sustain the 900Mbps top speed we provide.

Please remeber to select “toob Ltd” as your speedtest server.

Wi-Fi performance will vary and is impacted by many external factors such as walls, distance from router and other devices such as cordless phones and televisions.

The best way of getting the maximum speed of your internet is to connect your device via a good quality ethernet cable straight into your router. We recommend a CAT6 or CAT5e cable for best performance. Your device also needs to have a 1Gbps ethernet port.

Other device factors such as device memory and CPU capacity may limit the speed test results. If you aren’t getting 900Mbps try closing other programs on your computer and see if this improves the results.

If this improves the results but it still doesn’t reach 900Mbps this might mean that your device isn’t capable of reaching higher speeds, but don’t worry, you will still be able to receive a total of 900Mbps across all your devices, so you’ll still be able to make the most of your hyperspeed broadband.

Many older current devices aren’t capable of reaching 900Mbps over wi-fi. Usually only newer, top end devices have the capability to receive these speeds.

Wi-fi speeds are also impacted by external factors like furniture, walls, distance from the router and interference from other electrical devices like cordless phones, baby monitors or other wi-fi routers.

You can test your broadband connection speed as described in “how do I test my broadband speed”.

If you aren’t getting 900Mbps, try closing other programs on your computer and see if this improves the results. If this improves the results but it still doesn’t reach 900Mbps, this might mean that your device isn’t capable of reaching 900Mbps.

If you believe that your slow speeds are not due to your device, then please report this to us via your customer portal or give our friendly support team a call on 0800 368 9458 and we’ll investigate your issue.

There are several ways in which you can connect to your router:

Connect using wi-fi: use the wi-fi details on the back of the router and the wi-fi reference card to connect or scan the QR code on the router and reference card to connect your devices

Connect using Ethernet: you can connect up to 4 devices via the yellow LAN (Local Area Network) ports on the back of the router.

Connect using WPS (wi-fi protected setup): press the wi-fi pairing button to activate WPS on the router. Then follow the instructions for WPS setup on your wi-fi device.
Note: ensure your wi-fi device is in the same room as your router when attempting to pair using WPS.

Because Wi-Fi uses radio waves, you may have problems with interference – especially on the 2.4GHz wireless band as this is the most commonly used for wi-fi devices, cordless phones, baby monitors and remote-control toys.

The 5GHz band isn’t so prone to interference, mainly because there are fewer 5GHz devices around.

5GHz can also deliver higher speeds than 2.4GHz so that’s why our router will auto switch you 5GHz wherever possible, ensuring you always have the best wi-fi signal.

Wi-Fi is very dependent on each device’s capability. A basic laptop may only have a 100Mbps card installed so be limited by hardware, whereas a high-end phone or tablet may be able to receive well over 600Mbps on a wi-fi connection.

There are multiple factors such as router location, having thick walls or lots of furniture close to the router. Even fish tanks can reduce wi-fi signal. We recommend you visit your device manufacturers website to check the wi-fi capability of your device.

The wireless band you are connected to also impacts speed. In general you will get faster speeds on the 5GHz band but the 2.4GHz band has a longer range.

The lights on your router have been designed to indicate the status of your broadband connection.

You can find your Wi-Fi name and password on the back of your router. If you want to make any changes to your username or password, you can do so by accessing the settings on the router home page, details of which can be found

Please note: if you’re connected on a Wi-Fi device, changing your Wi-Fi name or password will disconnect you from the network, and you’ll need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi with your new details.

For example, if you’ve changed your password, you’ll need to enter the new password to re-connect.

Yes, you may replace the toob provided router to one of your choice. Be advised that for fault investigation purposes we may require you to re-connect your toob router so do please keep it to hand

Our router is best in class and designed for a hyperspeed broadband service. It includes;

• 7 antenna for a powerful and far reaching wi-fi signal
• Auto band selection to ensure you always receive the best possible signal
• Beamforming technology to ensure a focussed signal to devices that are active
• Class leading chipset to ensure a fast, reliable broadband connection

The majority of ‘fibre broadband’ sold today is only a fibre connection up the green or grey cabinet in the street. From there it uses the old copper phoneline to deliver your broadband into your home, leaving it open to slower speeds due to length of the copper and how many people are sharing the connection to the cabinet.

toob’s full fibre network brings the fibre all the way into your home ensuring you get the full 900Mbps with no slowdown over distance or because of the number of users.

toob broadband will deliver symmetrical upload and download speeds of 900mbps.

What does this mean? You’ll download a movie in little more than 30 seconds, you can upload all your holiday snaps to cloud storage in seconds and importantly, everyone in your home will be able to use the internet for what they want at the same time, be it streaming, browsing or gaming with no buffering or slowdown

toob is currently rolling out in Southampton.

If you are in the Southampton area, please register your interest and we will be in touch just as soon as you can order.

toob will also be rolling out in other towns and cities across the South of England.

Follow us on our social media to keep up to date on our future rollout plans.

We’ll be in touch when toob comes to your area but in the meantime keep up to date with toob on our socials channels

toob does not offer a TV service.

However, many customers now watch TV through streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, Amazon Video Prime, Apple TV+ or NOW TV.

With toob’s hyperfast broadband you can stream these all of the services from SD to 4K, safe in the knowledge that buffering is a thing of the past.

You can cancel at any time by calling our friendly customer service team on 0800 368 9458.

If you cancel 7 days before the next bill date, we’ll cancel the direct debit and your service will end at your current service period as detailed on your last bill.

To view your bill, log in to your account at

If you want to switch to our 18 month package then you can do so by calling our friendly customer service team who will help you switch.

Unfortunately you cannot switch from the 18 month package to the 1 month rolling package. If you’re unsure whether you are able to commit for 18 months then we would recommend starting with the 1 month rolling and switching to the 18 month when ready.

If you choose either our 1 month or 18 month package you will still get the same hyperspeed service.
You will receive the same level of support, a monthly bill and pay by direct debit.
The only difference with the 1 month rolling package is that you can cancel at any time with no additional fees

Please log into your online account here

You will need to use your email address and your password which you set the first time you logged in.

Don’t worry, you can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Your first bill for toob broadband will show your monthly broadband charge, plus your installation charge.

We will create your first bill within 2 days of your successful installation and then on the same date each month for the remainder of your contract.

If you wish to make a change to your Direct Debit information, please give us a call on 0800 368 9458 and we will quickly update your details

You will need to pay the bill as soon as possible – If the Direct Debit payment has failed, we will try to take payment again via direct debit within 3 days. If this payment fails, we’ll request that you call us on 0800 368 9458 to make a card payment.

Failure to make a payment may result is suspension and ultimately disconnection of your broadband service in line with our terms and conditions.

If you have difficulties with your payment, please contact our friendly care team to discuss.

You can access all your previous bills and payment history via your toob customer account which can be accessed here

There are a number of reasons why you may experience problems with broadband, with the majority of these being linked to the device you are using.

We recommend you follow these steps to try and resolve any issues – if you still experience issues after following them, please give us a call on 0800 368 9458 and we will investigate further;

1. Check all cables and power are connected and turned on

2. Reboot any device where you have a problem and try and reconnect

3. Test your broadband connection speed using toob’s recommended speed checker as described in “how do I test my broadband speed”

Yes – any tickets raised against your service will be visible in your online toob customer account.
To access your account, click here and login with your email address and password.

We can resolve most faults remotely but on occasion we’ll need to send out an engineer to investigate. If we need to do this we will arrange a suitable time with you, and aim to be with you by the next working day after you have reported your fault.

Our friendly care team can be contacted 8am – 10pm Monday – Friday and from 9am – 5pm at weekends
Phone: 0800 368 9458

Alternatively, you can contact us on any of our social media channels:

When it comes to online safety there’s not a “one size fits all” solution.
The best way to keep your children safe online is by using a combination of the following:
• Device based controls
• DNS based controls
• Good online awareness

Device based controls
Both android and iOS offer parental controls which allow parents to see what their children are doing on the device, set time limits for device usage and restrict access to different apps.

These controls will work independent of how the device is connected to the internet so will work both in and out of the home.

For iOS only (Apple)
For iOS and Android:

You can also find more details of device controls on

DNS based controls
These are controls which can filter content and can protect you from malicious websites. They apply equally to any device connected to your wi-fi network.

These filters are limited in that they only work when devices are connected to the wi-fi, so offer no protection when devices are connected through other networks or outside the home.

They also can be bypassed by the use of a virtual private network (VPN) and they don’t apply to purchases or content within apps, such as Netflix or app stores.

There are a number of free DNS services, a couple which we would recommend are CleanBrowsing and OpenDNS.

Click here to follow our guide to set this up on your router here

Good online awareness
No solution will be 100% effective, so it’s important that both parents and children are aware of risks online so that they know what to do to stay safe.

You can find more information for both parents and children by clicking here

You can change the Domain Name System (DNS) to point your internet connection to a suitable server which can manage the content you are able to see.

Details of how to do this are in our guide here

Yes, this is offered via the router dashboard.

Please see our guide for instructions on how to do this here

If toob broadband is available at your new home address, you can retain toob broadband service. We may have to schedule a new installation so please give our friendly care team a call to discuss your dates.

Any new installation will require you to start a new contract but there will be no new installation fee if you’re currently within contract.

If you are moving home and we can’t provide toob broadband at your new address then you are free to cancel your toob broadband service with no early termination charges. toob may ask for proof of your new address.

For more information on moving home please see our terms and conditions.

Ideally you should let us know 30 days before you move to your new address so we can arrange disconnection on your chosen date and confirm any new installation appointment.

Please don’t! The fibre connection box will need to stay in your old address, and we’ll ensure you have a shiny new one at your new home when we come to connect you up.

Please use the availability checker on our home page using the postcode of your new address.

our policies are all available here

No phone service is offered with toob broadband and therefore we do not charge any line rental. If you do want a fixed phone, please visit our partner Vonage who can provide you a phone line over the internet. They are even able to transfer your existing number in most cases.

If you rely on a landline for services such as Lifeline, then you should consider retaining a copper based telephone service as internet based phone services can be impacted by power outages or internet service disruption.

Your final bill will be the next bill after your disconnection date.

Please leave the fibre termination box on the wall.

The router is yours to keep.