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Click here to complete a quick postcode search to see if toob is available to order at your address.

Don’t worry, if we’re still designing or building our network in your area, you can still leave your details with us so we can notify you as soon as you can place an order.

After any visible construction has taken place, we’ll complete extensive testing before we can invite you to join us. We’ll waste no time in sharing the good news with you, just as soon as everything’s ready.

toob is rolling out a new full-fibre network in towns and cities across the South of England. You can view a full list of our current and future locations here. Why not register your interest now and be the first to know just as soon as we’re available near you.

We’re constantly finding new ways to bring our service to more users, so follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on our future roll out plans or announcements where you live. We’re on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn

Simply put, there are four main phases in the roll out of our new full-fibre network:

Future Build  These areas have been earmarked for our full-fibre service in the future.
In Design  We’re carefully reviewing the best way to deliver our new network in the area.
In Build  We’ll be at varying stages of construction and quality testing before service goes on sale here.
Taking Orders  Service is available to order in these areas.

Delivery to individual buildings may require additional infrastructure or local agreements before we can make them available to order. Please register your interest to be the first to know when the service is available to order at your address.

Of course! You can enjoy all the benefits that our full-fibre broadband provides. Depending on how many apartments there are, we may be seeking additional permission from the freeholder before we can pre-install our service throughout the building. Please ensure that we have the best contact details for your property management team.

Email to see how you can help bring toob into your building in the future.

Availability will always be specific to your full address. We rigorously test our network to ensure that it meets our strict quality controls and is ready for service. This can sometimes take time, so we thank you for your patience. You can be notified when toob becomes available for you to order by registering your interest here today.

We may be required to seek additional permission (or make special arrangements) so that we can provide service to your specific address. Whatever it is, we will already be working on resolving the issue. Please register your interest so we can notify you as soon as service is available to order.

Customers that have already registered their interest will always be the first to receive the good news. It’s easy to do, simply register your interest on our website so we can notify you just as soon as the service is available to order for your address.

We will be in touch as soon as our service is available for your address. In the meantime we’ll email you every few weeks so that you’re up to date with the latest toob news, features and offers. We’re expanding our network as quickly and as safely as we can. It’ll be worth the wait!

We may still be confirming plans for your area, but you‘ll soon be able to register your interestFollow us on social media to keep up-to-date on our future roll out plans or announcements where you live.

You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

If your search isn’t returning any results, it means our service isn’t currently available to order for your address. Our address database is regularly updated with newly-registered properties so that we can provide our service to more premises in the future.

Please ensure that your property is officially registered with the local council and click here to see if we’re coming to an area near you.

We’ll want to ensure that althe equipment is still connected and working exactly as it should be. Please call our helpful team on 023 9300 9300 so we can ask a few additional questions before placing an order.

We can’t wait for you to join us! Start your toob journey by entering your postcode and selecting your installation address. If service is available where you live, we’ll ask you for a few contact details and show you our current best availability for your toob installation. Have your bank account details ready so we can set up your Direct Debit. It takes just a few clicks to confirm your order.

If you’d prefer to order by phone or have any additional questions that you’d like to ask us, please call our local customer service team on 023 9300 9300. We love getting to know our new customers!

toob’s full-fibre network brings a new high-speed cable straight into the premises, meaning that your entire connection uses fibre optic technology. This ensures that you can enjoy full 900 Mbps speed with no slowdown over distance (or because of the number of users) when using a wired connection.

The majority of traditional ‘fibre’ broadband sold today is only a fibre connection up the green or grey cabinet in the street. From there it uses the old copper phoneline to deliver broadband to your address, leaving it open to slower speeds (due to interference) and is often impacted by how many people are sharing the connection to the cabinet.

toob broadband will deliver upload and download speeds of 900 Mbps to your home.

But what does this mean?
You’ll be able to download a movie in little more than 30 seconds, upload all your holiday snaps to cloud storage in seconds and, most importantly, everyone in your home will be able to use the internet for what they want, at the same time be it working, streaming or gaming with no buffering or slowdown.

Since we operate our own high-speed network, we work incredibly hard to deliver these speeds to your home, on your capable devices, when using a wired connection. A new fibre optic cable will be used to provide service to your address, ensuring fantastic end-to-end performance free from interference or reduced speeds at peak times.

toob are rolling out a new full-fibre network in towns and cities across the South of England, starting with Southampton. You can view a full list of our current and future locations here. Why not register your interest now to be the first to know as soon as you can order?

We’re constantly finding new ways to bring our service to more users, so follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on our future roll out plans or announcements where you live. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

toob is a broadband-only provider. This means we do not offer line rental. If you still need to make calls via a landline, you may choose to do so using a VOIP service that will function as a phone line over your broadband connection. This can be done through our partner Vonage or an alternative leading provider. Here’s a handy diagram to show how easy it is to turn your traditional landline into a digital home phone:
The difference between traditional landline and a digital home phone

You may also benefit from using your toob broadband to perform wi-fi calls, if your mobile network/handset has this feature.

We use our own high-speed network to provide your broadband (not using your existing phone line), so if you wish to retain your current phone service, your toob service will be unaffected by this.

VOIP stands for ‘Voice Over IP, which uses your broadband to make phone calls instead of a traditional landline. There are multiple VOIP providers who can help link any existing phone or mobile equipment to your toob service – including our partner Vonage. You can often make great savings when using VOIP compared to traditional providers, as there will be no line rental and only your chosen call package to pay for.

toob is a broadband-only supplier and many customers now choose to watch their TV through streaming and on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, NOW TV, Britbox, Hulu or Disney+. Just to name a few!

With toob’s full-fibre broadband, you are free to pick and choose only the services you wish to subscribe to, often unlocking the best deals and saving you money independently of your broadband contract. We’re using our own high-speed network to provide your broadband service, so buffering and slow downloads are a thing of the past, even in 4K! For the best speeds, you might consider connecting your TV using an ethernet cable.

Yes! All 18 month home broadband customers are able to purchase a static IP add-on for their service.

It costs just £8.00 per month and you will enter a new rolling contract for this feature. The add-on will simply appear on your existing toob bill every month.

You can cancel at any time. One static IP address can be purchased per account. Visit for full terms and conditions and a link to all charges and fees for your home broadband.

If you’re yet to place your order for a new 18 month contract, just select this add-on option while ordering online. Full terms and conditions can be found at

Alternatively, if you already have service with us or would like to add this to an existing order, call our customer service team on 023 9300 9300 and we’ll happily apply this for you in a few easy steps.

Unlike most other broadband providers, no we don’t!

Your data usage is completely unlimited and we do not restrict our online traffic – two of the many benefits of joining the toob network. Please also view our Acceptable Usage Policy.

No. You will benefit from a fixed price for the duration of your contract. In other words: no in-contract price rises! The price may fluctuate outside of your contract period, but you are always free to recommit to a new contract – and lock in our best price for even longer.

We’re a local broadband provider who designs, builds, sells and operates its own full-fibre network. Because we use our own technology to get our service to you, we can deliver you incredible 900 Mbps download and upload speeds at an affordable price.

toob are investing in the South of England’s digital infrastructure to deliver the fastest broadband service, enabling homes, businesses and communities to experience life-changing full-fibre connectivity fit for the future. Read more about us and the locations we’re providing service to here.

We love hearing how customers enjoy using our service. Why not take a look at some real-life user testimonials and articles or visit us on Trustpilot to see what our customers are saying…

The health and wellbeing of our customers and team is our top priority. We have therefore adapted our working practices to fully incorporate the best advice so that we can continue to keep you connected, safely.

If you have an installation booked with us, we will call you a couple of days beforehand to make sure that everyone is well and that you’re still happy for the visit to go ahead. If you need to postpone the visit due to COVID-19, please let us know at any time and we can rearrange it for a later date. There will be no charge for rearranging appointments for this reason.

Our engineers are asked to wear a facemask and will ensure they respect social distancing as they complete your installation. At the end of their visit, they will wipe down key areas that they have touched as an added precaution. You are also invited to try and keep the space well-ventilated if it is convenient to do so.

There may be occasions where we will need to amend your appointment to ensure the safety of our customers and our engineers. If any changes are needed, we will contact customers directly to make alternative arrangements.

Click here to read more about what we are doing to keep everyone safe.

You should always have permission from the homeowner before toob is installed. By placing an order and proceeding with an installation, it is assumed that the installation has been authorised and agreed between yourselves.

If you are renting, please see our helpful Information for Landlords guide in the dropdown opposite.

Lucky you! We will want to ensure that all the equipment is still connected and working exactly as it should be. Please call our helpful team on 023 9300 9300 so we can ask a few additional questions before placing a new order.

It will really help us if you can ensure that the installation area is clear before your appointment. If any furniture needs to be moved on the day, we may kindly ask that this is completed so we can proceed with the rest of your installation.

Your engineer will need access to at least two mains power sockets for the fibre box and your wi-fi router. The engineer will agree the equipment’s location with you during the installation. This will usually be in the same room as the service enters the building.

Please familiarise yourself with our measures during COVID-19, including maintaining a safe distance and allowing ventilation in the home where possible. You may also see us outside your address a few days before your installation. We’ll just be making a few additional checks – and look forward to seeing you for your appointment.

Our engineers will bring a brand-new fibre cable into the property (via a suitable entry point) to connect you to our full-fibre network. This may be overhead via an existing telegraph pole or underground via ducting, depending on how service has been designed in your area. A small black box will also be fitted to an external wall. If you’re in an apartment and service has already been pre-installed throughout the building, we’ll connect you to the nearest point.

The fibre cable will be fed into the property via a new small hole in the wall (less than 8mm in diameter). The hole will be fully sealed and the cable will connect to a small fibre box mounted to an internal wall. Any fibre within your property will be a white 3mm diameter cable, tacked neatly to the wall.

We will need two mains power sockets (one for the fibre box and one for the wi-fi router). The engineer will connect your new router to the fibre box and test your broadband service to ensure you’re receiving our full 900 Mbps full-fibre broadband when using an ethernet cable. We’ll also set up your wi-fi and test the speeds your devices might be capable of, and answer any final questions that you may have.

Once we’ve tidied up after ourselves, we’ll leave you to enjoy our full-fibre broadband allowing the whole household to stream, surf or play all day!

Your installation engineer will arrive within your chosen time slot, indicated on your order confirmation email. Your installation will also begin between these times.

Installation of your home broadband is really simple and will typically take around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the installation type required for your address. In some instances, we may need a little extra time to get you connected, so please bear this in mind when selecting your preferred arrival time slot.

We require a minimum of 5 days between the date you place an order with us and your installation. For our business broadband customers, there is a minimum of 10 days between order and installation.

You will always be able to view or discuss our best availability when placing an order. If service is already available for your address, but you’re not ready to switch, you can also place an order now for installation on a later date.

We typically offer installations 6 days a week, from Monday through to Saturday. Our appointment slots range from 7am-9am, 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm and 3pm-6pm to suit your needs, according to our availability at the time of your booking.

Please bear in mind that this is the timeframe our engineer is allocated to arrive at your address and installations usually take around 1 to 2 hours to complete, depending on the installation type required.

Home broadband customers can amend their installation appointment online or by calling our customer service team. Click here to access your customer portal account, where you can choose a new appointment according to our current availability.

If you’re a business broadband customer, please give us a call on 023 9300 9300 and we’ll rearrange your appointment for you. We may charge a fee for any last-minute changes if they fall after 2pm the day before your installation.

You will receive confirmation of your new static IP address via email, on the same day that your service is activated.

toob will be installing a brand new full-fibre connection to your address, so we’re unable to cancel your existing broadband service with another provider. We recommend that you do not schedule the disconnection of your existing service until your toob broadband installation has been completed.

If you’ve already set-up your account, you can log into your online account here. From your account, you can download copies of your bills, review your account details or quickly report any issues you experience. Alternatively, just give us a call on 023 9300 9300!

To setup your customer portal account for the first time, click the unique link provided in your order confirmation/service activation emails. You will need to confirm your registered email address and then set a new password.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Simply go to the online account login page here, click “forgot password?” and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can just click reset your password.

Please note that this will always be separate to your Wi-Fi password.

If you wish to make a change to your Direct Debit information or update your contact details, please give us a call on 023 9300 9300.

You can easily add more users to the account. As the account holder, the contract will remain in your name and notifications will still come to you, but you can setup access so that other members of your household can raise queries or report a fault if you’re not at home.

If you wish to add other authorised users to the account, please call us on 023 9300 9300 to discuss the level of access you wish to allow others to have.

A copy of your bill will be sent to you via email on the same billing date each month. You can also view your bills on your online account by logging in here. Payment is due as soon as your latest bill has been raised. It can take up to 5 working days for the transaction to complete, so please ensure funds are available for this duration.

Our friendly customer service team will be happy to discuss this with you. Please call us on 023 9300 9300 so we can confirm your account details and investigate this further.

You will need to pay your bill as soon as possible. If the Direct Debit payment has failed for whatever reason, payment will automatically be re-attempted within 3 working days. Failure to make payments may result in a reduction or suspension of your broadband in line with our terms and conditions.

We will notify the bill payer if a payment has been unsuccessful after the final attempt – and we request that you call us on 023 9300 9300 if new payment details are required.

Your billing date will remain the same throughout your contract. Payment will be due from this date and be taken within 5 working days of this date each month.

Yes, you are. All Direct Debits are protected by a guarantee. If there is a change to the date, amount or frequency of your Direct Debit, we will give you 3 working days’ notice in advance of your account being debited. You have the right to cancel at any time and this guarantee is offered by all the banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits. A copy of the safeguards under the Direct Debit Guarantee will be sent to you with our confirmation email.

If you switch or close your bank account, please advise our customer service team in advance of your next bill to avoid any missed payments.

Our products represent excellent value, but we sometimes run additional offers or promotions. If you qualified for an offer or used a promo code when placing your order, you will receive the offer within 30 days of your service being activated. This will be emailed to you directly.

Please note that these offers cannot be used in conjunction with our Refer a Neighbour promotion. Click here for more details.

Making sure you’re on the correct package for you is important. Please call our friendly customer service team and we’ll talk you through how to switch from our 1 month rolling contract to an 18 month contract. Please note that you should provide at least 7 days’ notice of your next bill to complete this.

If you’re yet to place your order for a new 18 month contract, just select this add-on option while ordering online. Full terms and conditions can be found at

Alternatively, if you already have service with us or would like to add this to an existing order, call our customer service team on 023 9300 9300 and we’ll happily apply this for you in a few easy steps.

If you’re on our 1 month rolling contract, you can upgrade to our 18 month home broadband contract or cancel your service at any time – we just require at least 7 days’ notice to process your request. If you’re coming to the end of your 18 month contract, we’ll send you an email to advise you of the available options within at least 30 days of your contract ending. These include:

  • Doing nothing and keeping your existing toob service, where your rolling monthly charge will increase from £25 to £29 a month. You may cancel your contract at any time. Please provide us with 7 days’ notice to fulfil your request.
  • Sign up for a new 18 month contract with us at £25 a month – our best price! You can call us or click the link in your reminder email to benefit from this great deal.
  • Cancel your service without paying any early termination fees. Please give us a call before your contract ends so we can make these arrangements for you.

If you have any questions regarding your next steps, please call our customer service team on 023 9300 9300.

If toob broadband is available at your new address, you can retain your current broadband service and not pay any additional fees. You can check to see if our full-fibre will be available at your new address here.

We may have to schedule a new installation, so please give us a call on 023 9300 9300 to discuss what this means for you. There will be no charge for the installation and you will enter a new toob contract at your new address. We’re sorry, but if you’ve purchased a static IP address, it is not possible to take this with you.

If we can’t provide toob broadband at your new address, you are free to cancel your toob broadband service with no early termination charges. toob may ask for proof of your new address to confirm that service isn’t yet available and you should aim to provide at least 30 days’ notice in order to schedule your disconnection.

We do ask that you leave all toob equipment in position at your old property.

For more information on moving to a new address, please check our full terms and conditions here.

If you wish to cancel your service then you can do so by giving us a call on 023 9300 9300.

If you leave before the end of your minimum contract period, then you may have to pay a fee to do so. Click here for more details.

If you are outside of your minimum contract period (or are on our 1 month rolling contract) then you can cancel at any time giving at least 7 days’ notice, with no additional payment due. Your service will end at the end of your current billing period.

When you’ve cancelled your service, we ask that you leave your equipment connected and in position on the wall.

There are several ways in which you can connect to your router:

Connect using wi-fi:  Scan the handy QR code on the reference card provided. You can also find the wi-fi name and password on the reference card or the back of the router if you’d prefer to enter your details manually.

Example toob wi-fi reference card

Connect using Ethernet:  You can connect up to 4 devices via the yellow LAN (Local Area Network) ports on the back of the router.

Connect using WPS (wi-fi protected setup):  Press the wi-fi pairing button to activate WPS on the router. Then follow the instructions for WPS setup on your wi-fi device. Note: Ensure your wi-fi device is in the same room as your router when attempting to pair using WPS.

Because wi-fi uses radio waves, you may have problems with interference from other competing devices – especially on the 2.4GHz wireless band as this is the most commonly used (for other wi-fi devices, cordless phones, baby monitors and remote-control toys etc).

The 5GHz band isn’t so prone to interference, mainly because there are fewer 5GHz devices around. 5GHz can also deliver higher speeds than 2.4GHz. Your device should automatically select the best frequency when it connects to your router using ‘band-steering’.

You can view a digital copy of the router guide (provided during your installation) here. This will give you helpful information on the router setup, the lights on your router and some troubleshooting tips.

You can find your default wi-fi name and password on the back of your router. This information is also printed on the handy reference card provided during your installation.

If you want to make any changes to your username or password, you can do so by accessing the settings on the router home page. Further details can be found here.

Please note: If you’re connected on a wi-fi device, changing your wi-fi name or password will disconnect you from the network and you’ll need to reconnect to the wi-fi with your new details. If you have forgotten your wi-fi password and cannot log in to change it, you can revert to the default name and password on the back of the router by performing a factory reset by pressing a pin into the hole labelled “reset” on the back of your router.

There are several things that you can do to maximise the potential of your wi-fi. Click here for some top tips to help get the best from your connection and examples of the speeds that some devices are capable of.

The distance you can connect devices over wi-fi to depends on several factors such as the materials your home is made of or interference from other networks/devices. If you live in a larger property, mesh Wi-Fi solutions may extend coverage into hard-to-reach areas and are readily available to purchase from good online or high street retailers.

Your installation engineer will have advised of the optimum router location. If possible, the router should be on a raised surface, near the centre of the home and a distance from other electrical items or pieces of furniture. If you’re looking to move your router, you’ll want to use a CAT 5e, CAT 6 ethernet cable or above to ensure that you benefit from the best speeds.

toob wi-fi router placement guide

Wi-fi performance will fluctuate depending on other competing frequencies at any given time. These could even be outside your home. Your chosen testing device may also be completing other background tasks that will temporarily affect your device’s performance.

Yes, you may use your own router or mesh solution if you prefer. Please ensure you follow any set-up instructions from your mesh provider to ensure compatibility first.

You should always keep your toob router to hand so that we can provide you with any remote assistance if required.

When it comes to online safety, there isn’t always a “one size fits all” solution. The best way to keep your children safe online is by using a combination of processes, including:

Device-based controls
Both android and iOS offer parental controls which allow parents to see what their children are doing on the device, set time limits for device usage and restrict access to different apps.

These controls will work independently of how the device is connected to the internet so will work both in and out of the home.

For iOS only (Apple)
For iOS and Android

You can also find more details of device controls on

DNS-based controls
These are controls which can filter content and can protect you from malicious websites. They apply equally to any device connected to your Wi-Fi network.

These filters are limited and only work when devices are connected to the wi-fi, so offer no protection when devices are connected through other networks or outside the home. They can also be bypassed by using a virtual private network (VPN) and they don’t apply to purchases or content within apps, such as Netflix or app stores. There are a number of free DNS services, a couple we would recommend are and

Click here to follow our guide to set this up on your router.

Device Scheduling
You can schedule when connected devices can access the internet through the router portal. Please see our guide for instructions on how to do this here.

Please be aware that this only stops devices connecting through the router, it will not stop devices if they use mobile data or a different network.

Online Safety Awareness
No solution will be 100% effective, so it’s important that both parents and children are aware of risks online so that they know what to do to stay safe.

You can find more information on staying safe online for both parents and children here.

All our policies are available here.

If you have questions about any of our policies, please give us a call on 023 9300 9300 or email us at and we will be more than happy to talk these through with you.

We are working hard to deliver full-fibre broadband, to benefit everyone in the community. We typically aim to use existing infrastructure to get our new fibre cables to you, specifically to avoid any unnecessary disruption for our future customers.

On some occasions these options might not already exist or cannot be used, so we may complete additional work (such as installing cabinets, ducting or poles) to ensure we can provide service in your area.

We always try our hardest to keep any risk of disruption to a minimum. Most construction work will take place on the pavement, but there may be times when we need to build the network across a road. Rest assured that our teams will do all they can to complete this work quickly – and provide alternative arrangements where required.

Yes. Our construction crews will be clearly visible throughout the build and will provide full assistance and cooperation to ensure that you are able to access your property, either on foot or by vehicle. If your driveway or path is impacted by the construction at a time when you need to use it, crews will remove any barriers and cover any open trenches for you.

Teams work between 7am and 7pm, however engineers will not start any loud activity until after 8am. Construction will usually take 1 to 5 days to complete.

Parts of the construction process will sometimes include the use of loud machinery. Teams will not start any loud works until after 8am – and will carefully plan work to ensure this is kept to a minimum.

There may be a small amount of debris on the ground shortly after the build, particularly if the weather has been poor. Rest assured, our teams will endeavour to clean up once construction has completed in your area.

The pavement will be reinstated as close to the original surface as possible, by reusing existing paving slabs or covering with new tarmac. New tarmac will fade over time to provide a better match to the original surface and we may sometimes lay a new, temporary surface to ensure the safety of residents.

To help keep work moving quickly, please do not park on the pavement during construction. You may be asked to move your car as a precaution if work is taking place nearby.

Availability will be specific to your address. All work will be tested by area to ensure that it meets our strict quality controls and is ready for service. We can notify you once toob becomes available to order by registering your interest here. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems during construction, please speak to one of our on-site team or contact the toob customer service team on 023 9300 9300 or email so we can discuss your query.

Our full-fibre broadband is great for small businesses, enabling you to keep in contact with your clients or suppliers and unleash the potential of your business. Whether it’s wi-fi calling, cloud file-sharing or video conferencing, our business broadband allows you to do all these things no matter what is happening in the rest of your business. You’ll benefit from 900 Mbps symmetrical download and upload speed, unlimited data usage and easy access to our local, friendly customer support. You’ll also benefit from a 48-hour SLA guarantee so you’ll have the peace of mind that your business needs are our priority.

You may choose to have intelligent mesh wi-fi fitted as part of your installation – or opt to receive a static IP address, at no extra cost, to help manage your specific business needs.

View the full business broadband terms and conditions, business SLA, charges and usage policies here.

Congratulations. We can’t wait to have you join us!

If you’ve already placed an order, you should have received a confirmation email discussing the next steps towards your full-fibre installation. We’ll be in contact with you (typically within 24 hours) to arrange a pre-installation survey so that we can assess the needs of your installation. This survey should take place at least 3 days before your installation to ensure that we can get everything ready for you in time. An authorised party and/or decision-maker regarding the installation must be present at the time of the survey.

If, as a result of your survey, a non-standard installation is required, we’ll be in touch to agree this with you ahead of your appointment. In some instances, a non-standard installation fee may apply if significant extra time, equipment or resource is required. You can view the full business broadband terms and conditions, charges and usage policies here.

If you have limited access hours, do please ensure that ample time is available for the installation to take place. If you have any questions, please talk to our helpful customer service team in advance of your appointment.

We will need to complete a short survey to confirm the access and layout of the premises, discuss your preferred installation choices and agree the expected location for your toob equipment. The engineer will arrive within your chosen time slot and the survey should take no more than an hour to complete.

You may be asked to provide access to some of the installation areas and someone authorised to make decisions for the upcoming installation should be present at the time of the survey. Your engineer will help determine if any additional arrangements are necessary or whether you require a non-standard installation.

If you require mesh wi-fi as part of your installation, please discuss this with your engineer. A single mesh wi-fi unit will be installed (if required) at no additional cost to business broadband customers.

Our engineer will carefully evaluate the needs of your installation while attending the pre-installation survey. Should significant additional time, resource or materials be required due to the complexity of the installation, we’ll discuss the available options with you after your survey is complete. A non-standard installation fee may apply. Click here for further details of our business broadband charges and fees.

As a non-standard installation is likely to take longer, do please ensure that you allow ample time for the appointment to take place within your business’s access hours. If you have any questions, please talk to our helpful customer service team in advance of your appointment.

You can amend any appointment up until 2pm the business day before, for extra peace of mind. If your new survey date is within 3 days of your installation date, we will advise if your installation should also be amended and talk you through making any changes. Just give our customer service team a call on 023 9300 9300 and we’ll be happy to help.

Access to your installation areas will need to be clear and an authorised decision-maker must be present. It is always helpful if this is the same person that attended the pre-installation survey, but this isn’t essential. If you have limited access hours, please ensure that there is plenty of time for the appointment to take place as planned.

The engineers will arrive within your chosen time slot, confirm the agreed location of equipment, and complete your installation. Before the team leave, they will demonstrate 900 Mbps download and upload speeds to you on a wired connection and ensure your wi-fi or mesh wi-fi solutions are ready to go.

If you have chosen to receive a static IP address, this will be confirmed while the engineer is on-site. We’ll also send this to you in an email for safe-keeping.

All toob business customers will receive a powerful toob wi-fi router – and have a small external cable box and termination point installed to an outside and inside wall respectively. Our 7-antenna router provides customers with dual band wi-fi (with smart channel selection) to ensure that you always have the best connection for your employees and customers. The router has 4 gigabit ethernet ports to allow seamless integration with all devices within your business.

Depending on the premises and your business’s needs, your engineer will expertly install a single mesh wi-fi unit for you as part of your agreed installation. This is free-of-charge for business broadband customers.

Mesh wi-fi can sometimes increase wi-fi range in hard-to-reach areas, depending on the building layout and what you intend to use your service for. A single mesh wi-fi option is available for business broadband customers at no additional cost.

If your business requires mesh wi-fi, discuss this with your survey engineer so that this can be planned alongside the rest of your installation. While mesh wi-fi will allow you to enjoy service in specific areas within the premise, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive the same high performance as those devices connected directly to your toob wi-fi router.

Some businesses may benefit from using a static IP address to help manage devices or services on their private network. There’s no obligation to receive one, but this can be included free of charge as a business broadband customer.

When placing an order for toob’s business broadband, you will be asked whether you require a static IP address. If you already have service with us as a toob business broadband customer, you can request a static IP address by calling 023 9300 9300. One of our helpful customer service team members will be very happy to talk you through the process.

You will receive an email confirming your new static IP address once it has been activated. If you’re joining us for the first time, this will be on the same day as your installation. If you’re already a business broadband customer, this will usually be the same day as your request (unless you have chosen a later date).

We’d love to help your business enjoy the benefits of toob’s business broadband. The best bit is you don’t have to wait until your current home broadband contract is up. Our customer service team are on hand to talk you through the process and get you registered. Simply call us on 023 9300 9300 for more details.

toob is a broadband-only provider.

If you are transferring your existing number to an internet phone (VOIP) service, then you should retain your current landline until advised of a switchover date by your new phone service provider. You will also be responsible for contacting your current broadband provider, once your toob installation is completed, to arrange your disconnection.

Of course! It’s easy add other members to your account so they can talk to us on your behalf. You’ll need to think about the level of access you would like each authorised user to have – and set a shared password within your team. We always recommend that these details are updated regularly to ensure maximum account security. Please call our helpful customer service team to setup your account for limited team access.

Our local customer care team are on hand if you ever need assistance – and we will always do our best to resolve your issue quickly. As a toob business broadband customer, you’ll have access to our best availability (should you ever require an engineer visit) and  you’ll be covered by 48-hour SLA guarantee. Click here for a full summary of these terms.

Importantly, we will need to complete some live diagnostics with you, so please ensure that you have access to your toob equipment at the time of the call. The fastest way to make us aware of an issue is by contacting customer services directly.

Phone: 023 9300 9300

Our customer service opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Yes. You’ll receive a new VAT invoice sent directly to your registered email address on your billing date each month. You can also view all your historic invoices in one place by signing-in to your customer portal account.

Click the unique link provided in your service activation email to complete the set-up for your customer portal account. If you have any issues accessing your customer portal, please call our customer service team directly on 023 9300 9300. We’ll be happy to help.

Having full-fibre broadband in your property makes it even more appealing for tenants, especially now more people are working from home. And, for some properties, having full-fibre broadband can even increase your property value when you come to sell.

Installation is really simple; a home broadband installation will typically take around 1 to 2 hours. Our professional engineer will need to bring the fibre into your property via a small hole (less than 8mm in diameter) which will be fully sealed. We will mount a fibre box to the wall (pictured below) in a location agreed at installation and near an appropriate power socket, similar to the photo below:

Any fibre within your property will be a white 3mm diameter fibre cable and will be neatly tacked to the wall.

The person that is paying for the service should be the one to place the order with us. This can be either the landlord or the tenant. If the tenant is placing the order, it is their responsibility to ensure that they have agreed permission with the landlord to have toob broadband installed before the installation goes ahead.

If you would like tenants to be able to discuss the account or service on your behalf, please ensure that they are set up as an authorised third party in advance. You can discuss the available options with our customer service team on 023 9300 9300.

You can expect to enjoy 900 Mbps download and upload speeds on capable devices, using a wired connection. We do not restrict our online traffic (or reduce speeds) at peak times. If testing your speed, please be aware that browsers, firewalls, VPNs and other background activity will significantly affect your measured speeds.

Wi-fi speed is dependent on the capability of your device – as well as wi-fi signal strength over distance, any physical obstacles, the age of the device and interference from other devices in the area. The wireless band you are connected to also impacts speed. In general, you will likely get faster speeds using the 5GHz band, but the 2.4GHz band has a longer range and is available on more devices.

A basic device might only have the capability of reaching a maximum speed of 100 Mbps, whereas a high-end phone or tablet may be able to receive well over 600 Mbps on a wi-fi connection. We recommend that you visit your device manufacturer’s website to check the wi-fi capability of your device.

Click here for further examples of what devices can be capable of – and some helpful advice on making the most of your toob full-fibre broadband.

We recommend performing the speed test on your computer with a wired connection, as mobile devices are often not powerful enough to measure the 900 Mbps speeds we provide. You can test your broadband speed by downloading the Ookla Speedtest app specific to your device type, available here.

Please remember to select toob Ltdas your speed test server.

For an accurate speed test, you will need to ensure that all browsers, windows and background applications aren’t running and please be aware that antivirus software and VPNs are also known to significantly affect speed test results.

Speed tests on mobile or wi-fi devices (or using a web browser) will vary significantly and will not measure the speed of your connection at source.

The best way of getting the maximum speeds is to connect your device via a high quality ethernet cable straight into your router. We recommend using a CAT5e or CAT6 cable for the best performance – and we provide one of these free of charge as part of the service. Your device will also need to have a 1 Gbps ethernet port.

Other factors such as memory and CPU capacity may limit the speed test results on your devices. If you aren’t getting 900 Mbps, try closing other programs on your computer (VPNs or antivirus software included) and see if this improves the results. If this doesn’t help, this may point towards your device not being capable of reaching these speeds. You will still be able to receive a total of 900 Mbps across all your devices.

Wi-fi speeds are impacted by environmental factors like furniture, walls, distance from the router and interference from other electrical devices like cordless phones, baby monitors or other wi-fi routers in the area. We’ve put together some helpful advice on making the most of your toob full-fibre broadband. Click here to download our guide.

We recommend performing a speed test on your computer using a wired connection to most accurately measure your speed. We do not restrict online traffic (or reduce speeds) at peak times.

If you aren’t getting 900 Mbps on a wired connection, try closing other programs or background updates on your computer and see if this improves the results. Antivirus software or VPNs are often a cause of slow downloads due to the way they download data. If this improves the speed, but you’re still not nearing 900 Mbps, this might mean that your device isn’t capable of reaching 900 Mbps.

If you believe that your slow speeds are not due to your device, please report this to us by giving our friendly customer support team a call on 023 9300 9300 so we can investigate this for you. We may need to complete some live diagnostics with you, so please ensure that you have access to your toob equipment at the time of the call.

Wi-Fi speeds will vary considerably depending on the capability of the device you are using, plus environmental factors including router position, wall thickness and interference from other wi-fi sources.

Your wi-fi router is dual-band, meaning there are two frequencies that the wi-fi will work on. Generally, the 5GHz channel will give faster speeds and the 2.4GHz channel has a longer range. Your device should automatically select which band is best when it connects to the router.

You might experience slow speeds if your router is working on a channel that’s too busy. The easiest way to switch to a better channel is by simply turning your router off and on again as it will automatically choose the best channel for you.

If you’ve noticed a consistent change in performance that cannot be explained by any other physical factors, devices or channels, you can call us on 023 9300 9300 to go through some additional diagnostics.

If you’re having trouble keeping connected to the internet, there could be an issue with your device, wireless network or your router’s connection to us.

If you’re connected via wi-fi, the issues you’re experiencing are more than likely being caused by localised or intermittent interference which is affecting your wireless signal.

If you’re connected via an ethernet cable, the issue may possibly be because of a problem with your router’s internet connection. Check that the ethernet cable (between the fibre box and the router) is undamaged and that both ends are fully inserted to the equipment.

If you have any concerns, please give us a call on 023 9300 9300 and we will complete a few easy steps with you over the phone.

If you are currently unable to connect to the internet, please follow these steps to try and resolve any issues:

  • Check the connection with another device to see whether the issue is with the device or your service.
  • Check all cables are connected to the router and fibre box, that they are in the correct sockets and both devices are powered on.
  • Reboot the router and fibre box by turning them off and on again at the power socket. It could take up to 5 minutes to fully reboot and resume connectivity.
  • Note whether the issue persists when using a wired or wi-fi connection.

If this hasn’t resolved your issue, please give our local support team a call on 023 9300 9300 and we will be happy to investigate the matter for you. Importantly, we will need to complete a few live diagnostics with you, so please ensure that you have access to your toob equipment at the time of the call.

We operate, maintain and monitor our own network, so we hope that this isn’t the case. If there’s a localised issue due to unforeseen events, we will work hard to contact affected customers and reassure them that we are already working on a solution.

If you have any queries or questions about your service and your account, our friendly customer care team will be happy to help!

Phone: 023 9300 9300

Our customer service opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Refer a neighbour is toob’s referral scheme, where we reward our customers for telling their friends and neighbours about our full-fibre broadband! If, as a valued customer, you get your friend or neighbour to join toob by placing an order for our 18 month home broadband (and they register the referral at within 5 days of placing their order) we will send both of you a £25 Gift Card via email once their toob connection is live to say thank you.

It’s the person that’s placing the order who will register the referral on behalf of both of you, so please do ensure that they are aware of this when you make the recommendation. You will both receive your gift card via email within 30 days of their completed installation, providing you also have live service.

Full terms and conditions for our Refer a Neighbour promotion can be viewed here.

To be a referrer you must already be a toob broadband customer with live service or have placed an order pending installation.

Simply tell your friends and neighbours about our full-fibre broadband and if they place an order for our 18 month contract upon your recommendation, they can register their referral at! All they need is their order number and your email address – the same one that you have registered to your toob account.

The referral must be submitted within 5 days of your friend/neighbour placing their order otherwise registration with not be successful. Please also note that gift cards will not be sent out until both you and your friend/neighbour has a live toob broadband connection and the 14 day cooling-off period has passed.

If your referral was registered using our online form at, we will issue your gift card after service has been installed and both parties have a live toob broadband connection. This will be within 30 days of the last installation.

The e-gift card will be sent to both of you automatically. Amazon gift cards can be redeemed at against qualifying purchases fulfilled by Amazon.’s own gift card redemption terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Completing the form in time is important. If they do not fill in the form, we will not know that you referred them and neither of you may receive your gift card.

Remember – your friend or neighbour must report their referral within 5 days of placing their order to qualify.

If your friend or neighbour cancels their order before the end of their 14 day cooling-off period, neither of you will receive a gift card.

As many as you wish! So long as you are a current toob customer, or have placed an order and are pending installation, you can refer as many people as you want, but you will only be rewarded after both yourself and your friend or neighbour have been installed and after the 14 day cooling-off period has passed. Please note that this only applies to new 18 month home broadband orders.

If someone you referred places an order and registers it with your email address, we will confirm this to you via email after they have successfully registered.

If you think that one of your referrals has placed an order, but you haven’t heard anything yet, check with the other person to see if they placed an order and correctly registered the referral. Remember, they must provide your registered email address to verify the referral and gift cards are issued by email up to 30 days after activation of the new service.

If your friend has followed these steps and you still haven’t heard anything, ask them to email and we can look into this further for you.

Currently our referral scheme only applies to new 18 month home broadband orders, but feel free to spread the word if someone you know will benefit from our full-fibre broadband on a rolling or business contract!

Can’t find the answer to your question? Our friendly customer care team will be happy to help!

Phone: 023 9300 9300

Our customer service opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Alternatively, you can interact with us on any of our social media channels. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.