12th January 2022

Digital technology is now a crucial part of our lives, shaping how we operate in the modern world. How we undertake our daily tasks, from switching on a lightbulb, to how we bank, is becoming more digitised. Tech’s dominance is growing year on year with newer, smarter, more superior technology constantly emerging. The new year is the optimal time to look forward to the technological advancements that await the year ahead. So, whilst a great deal of technology relies on the internet to exist, we take a look at 6 top tech trends for 2022 where a strong internet connection is critical for its performance.

1. health tech

COVID-19’s hold over our ‘normal’ routines has impacted our healthcare in more ways than one, with face-to-face appointments likely to remain sparse for the foreseeable. This year, health tech is due to expand, bringing a digital approach to our care. Virtual sessions and appointments are likely to become more popular, to deliver a personalised touch to remote healthcare delivery. toob can ensure that if GPs are being bought into the home virtually, your appointment won’t suffer dropouts and buffering, through a strong full-fibre connection that won’t keep the doctor away.

2. hybrid working optimisation

With the world of work also changing in response to the pandemic, innovative strategies are needed to cope with the incorporation of office and home working. Technologies are being developed to optimise hybrid working; ensuring meetings, messaging, events, polling, team communication, whiteboarding and more can be accessed and enhanced. With more of us hybrid working to fit pandemic rulings, this technology demand is growing fast. Maximising this tech with a full-fibre connection will help you to work effectively and efficiently. With toob‘s 900 Mbps download and upload speeds, you can keep on top of everything on your to-do list.

3. digital finance

Digital finance has been around for decades, however digital innovators will be paving the way forward in 2022 offering hyper-personalisation through AI-powered budgeting advice, digital currencies and digital-only banks. 2021 saw 27% of UK adults have a digital-only bank, an amazing 16% growth from the previous year. Our lives rely on how we control and organise our money, so a reliable internet connection is critical for digital-only banking. Full-fibre technology is more reliable than standard copper and fibre broadband, crucial for enhanced banking for the future.

4. clean tech

2021’s COP Climate Change Conference bought urgency to our climate crisis and the need for cleaner fuels, energy and technology. 2022 will see boosts in sustainable automation, green materials and low carbon construction. Full-fibre can deliver a sustainable future by emitting 88% less greenhouse gasses per 1gb than other broadband technologies. It doesn’t require constant power to operate like copper networks, with a 70% reduction in transmission energy required. The cleaner tech doesn’t stop giving there, as the knock-on effects of things like Health Tech can improve the environment; by replacing things like our GP appointments with virtual visits, a 40 to 70-fold reduction in CO2 emissions is possible.

5. smart connectivity

Reports indicate that 11.57 billion IOT devices (Internet of Things: everyday objects connected to the internet) will be connected worldwide in 2022, with the industry expected to grow exponentially this year. The average UK home has 10.3 internet-enabled devices, a 26% increase in the last 3 years. As our homes are evolving into smart homes, with increasing devices being connected each year, it’s important to have a home broadband connection that can handle it all. With full-fibre, the bandwidth is much higher, giving you a faster data transmission that far outpaces the volume of data that copper networks can transmit. This means you can connect more devices, with no effects on other appliances and gadgets around the home.

6. cloud gaming

Cloud computing is being adopted more than ever! 2022 is due to see more of us at home and in business thrive on its scalability, flexibility and processability. Cloud based gaming in particular, is set to boom this year, with platforms such as Google’s Stadia and Amazon Luna paving the future. Cloud Gaming uses remote servers, rather that downloading, so you’re essentially streaming the game. All you really need, is a reliable internet connection to ensure you can stream the game with no disruption, drop-outs and buffer. Full-fibre will undoubtedly offer you the best connection for this type of game play, due to its stability, speed, super low ping rate and latency.

2022 will be another great year for technology, with our top tech trends and others set to reach new heights. The metaverse looks set to expand, drone deliveries to soar and VR to magnify, to name just a few. The ‘gigaboom’ will also continue to blast us into the future as Britain is set to benefits from the Government scheme: Project Gigabit. £5m has been budgeted for the country’s biggest broadband rollout that will see more of us able to reach the speeds we need for modern living. Full-fibre is the way forward, ensuring we are all futureproofed and our broadband is fit for purpose.

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