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13th September 2022

As the studying season fast approaches, there are lots of reasons why September can be a stressful time for students. Most may be setting up bills and utilities for the first time which can be daunting, but luckily, if you’re a student in an area toob services, you won’t need to put up with a broadband network that is difficult to set up or that will struggle to perform.

Students need better broadband now more than ever, and toob is here to deliver, reliable, superfast and budget-busting broadband to help you succeed in your studies. Bring on September!

e-learning made easy

Home to historic towns and sprawling countryside, The South of England is also home to the UK’s fastest broadband provider (that’s us!) and by choosing to study in our available areas, you’ll be able to jumpstart your study sessions with plenty of bandwidth for streaming on the side.

Gone are the days of posting paperwork through a booth window. With submitting assignments online becoming the norm, the last thing you need is a broadband breakdown leading to missing important deadlines, or getting in the way of browsing the virtual library from the comfort of your kitchen!

From studying in your bedroom, living room or garden, everyone has a study method that works for them. With toob, you’ve got the option to choose where with full coverage across your home. Here are some tips on how to make your study space great:

✓ Find a window. Natural light can improve your mood and reduce eye strain.
✓ Get Comfy! An ergonomic chair can improve your mood & focus.
✓ Noise control. The key to focusing is having some time to think.
✓ Better broadband. Whilst this seems like a no-brainer, having a fast internet connection helps you stay in the study zone; and remember, with toob’s 900 Mbps upload you’ll never miss a moment of online lectures again.

time to chill

Everyone unwinds in their own way and being able to relax is key to a successful student balance. Studies have shown students are more attentive following a successful distraction, like kicking back to your favourite comfort show – a great way to clear your head! With toob, you’ll be able to stream in 4K between study sessions with no buffering or stuttering

In 2022, gaming has become so much more than PC vs console. Mobile gaming is expected to make up 51% of the total games market this year, making your mid-study sessions of candy crush just as valid as crushing it on League of Legends. Whether casual or hardcore, your gaming is safe with our super low ping rate of 3-6ms (up to 6x faster than average!)

benefits of bandwidth

Moving in with fellow students? 40% of students are likely to be living in shared housing when at University, and whilst this can be great for splitting household running costs, it can take a big strain on your broadband.

toob’s full-fibre enables your whole household to be online, and stay online. Delivering 900 Mbps symmetrical speeds, you’ll get no slowdown on multiple devices, meaning you can download the latest games whilst uploading your final assignment! And best of all, it won’t affect your mates, as they’ll be able to get on with their streaming, gaming and studying too. Now that’s bandwidth to beat!

Finally, we’re pleased to offer monthly rolling contracts that give students the perfect flexibility! This means you won’t be tied into any lengthy contracts with toob. For only £33 a month, it could cost as little as £8.25 a month when sharing with 4 mates!

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