how to change your wi-fi password

5th September 2022

Online security is on everyone’s mind these days. As we move towards an increasingly digital age, the risk of your personal data being stolen is more prominent than ever. And, whist your router allows your family to get online, it also delivers hackers an entry point to your devices and data.

A recent survey found that as little as 18% of people have changed their wi-fi password from the manufacturers default. If you suspect that your network might be at risk, the best thing to do is change it. Sound daunting? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

make the change

To change your wi-fi name and password, you’ll first need to log into your toob router. Simply type  “” into the URL of any device connected to your network, and from here, enter “admin” for your username and the password on the back of your router which can be found under “admin key”.

 1. Once logged in you’ll be able to access your wireless network settings & how many devices are currently connected (more on that later!).

Here, you’ll see multiple cards pointing towards a different function including what we’re looking for: “wi-fi 2.4GHz” and “wi-fi 5GHz.” Choose a card and click on the top-right cog icon to open the wi-fi settings and progress to the next step.

2. Once you’re in, you’ll see your wi-fi name (or SSID), this will begin with ‘TOOB’ followed by your unique numerical identifier. Feel free to change this or move to the next step of changing your wi-fi password.

3. Next, click “Apply” and you will be disconnected from your network as these changes are applied. Make sure you login again using your new name/password to continue using your full-fibre broadband!

Once you know how to change your credentials, it’s a clever idea to brush up on best practices for creating an unbreakable password:

• Use a combination of letters, numbers, unrelated words, and symbols
Mix it up! Use different passwords for your accounts
• Use a password manager to store your unique passwords and suggest strong, randomised options

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through the looking-glass 

Now that your wi-fi network is secure once more, the last thing to check is what devices are currently on your network. To do this, follow the same steps as before to login to your router.

From here you can see the device type/name. Take some time to look through this list and disconnect any devices that you’re unsure about (if they’re part of the family, they can always reconnect again using your new super-secure login credentials!).

By checking in on this section regularly, you can ensure that your network is secure, free from unwanted devices and safe against hackers.

Congratulations on joining the exclusive 18% of internet users that has now changed their password and safeguarded against hackers! Why not tell a friend and push that statistic to 19% for next year? In the meantime, if you’re looking to supercharge your (now secure) broadband. You’re in the right place with the UK’s fastest broadband provider.

check your postcode

“toob: the UK’s fastest broadband provider”: source ISPreview, Top Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs for H1 2022