how to get the best broadband speed

22nd August 2022

In 2022, over 40 million internet users are accessing the internet every day. But what do you do when poor performance puts you off your game or kicks the kids off streaming? Did you know that with a few simple steps, you can unlock the full potential of your wi-fi and get better broadband speeds?

Check out toob’s top tips below…

2.4 vs 5 ghz

Comparing frequencies? Understanding your Ghz doesn’t need to giga-hurt. Despite one boasting a bigger number, both frequencies have their own pros and cons.

One of the main pros in using 2.4 Ghz is the larger coverage area. These radio waves perform better at penetrating walls due to a longer wavelength. However, this frequency features a fair amount of congestion, leading to slower speeds and frequent connection dropouts.

5 Ghz is without a doubt faster however, it delivers a much smaller coverage area due to the signal being less effective at passing through solid objects. Not sure which one to choose? Your router which automatically switch for you depending on what gives you the best performance.

other ways to turn up the dial on your internet speeds include updating your:


Getting the best out of your broadband can be as easy as giving your router the time of day (literally!). Find out more about optimal router placement here.

Another way you can boost your broadband involves updating the firmware of the router itself. Whilst this may sound scary, don’t be alarmed! To do so you just need to log in to your router by typing your IP address into your URL search.


Picture your router as a car! By attaching a caravan to the back, things will start to slowdown. When multiple devices connect, your available bandwidth stretches. Update and remove unnecessary devices by logging into your router (as mentioned above) or by resetting your wi-fi password.

looking for other ways to upgrade your network speeds?


Outdated search engines have a negative impact on your browsing experience. Upgrade yours to the current version by heading to your browser settings. From here check for updates & upgrade to the latest version.


Connect devices to your router using an ethernet cable to see a boost in network speeds and stability. Wi-fi connections are subject to interference whereas a cabled connection effectively eliminates this factor.

phone line

Speaking of interference, your phone line can also affect your internet connection.

Despite toob offering a ‘broadband-only service’ that doesn’t mean you have to leave your landline behind. Use VOIP (voice-over IP) to continue using your landline with improved quality and at a reduced cost.  Find out more here!

Remember, optimising your broadband speeds doesn’t need to be difficult, and can be as simple as moving your router to a different spot. Is your broadband still lagging behind? Why not switch to toob today and unlock your broadband potential with 900 Mbps symmetrical speeds, featuring a full-fibre connection straight to your home!

“speeds are spectacular, what more could you ask?”
– happy toob customer, Natalia

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