how slow broadband can reduce your house value

18th October 2022

A recent survey found that selling or buying a house ranked more stressful than planning a wedding, starting a new job, or even having a baby! As we continue to push further into the digital age, a reliable internet connection has become an essential service for many, including home workers, families, streamers and gamers.

In fact, house hunters now see broadband reliability as the second most important factor (just behind the size of the property) with sluggish speeds affecting your property’s value, reducing its overall worth by almost a quarter! So, whether you’re in the market to buy or marketing your property to sell, discover 3 reasons why lousy broadband can put off house buyers (and 3 solutions to solving it).

staying in touch

Following a recent survey of Hampshire and Dorset residents, retired people are most likely to be put off a house due to slow or non-existent broadband. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual communication such as video calling became a lifeline for staying in touch with friends and family. An important factor with video calls is not only your download speed but also the much-neglected upload speed.

If your property’s upload speed isn’t delivering, consider contacting your supplier to diagnose the problem. You are entitled to cancel your contract (without charge) should the issue reside in their network, allowing you to switch providers.

When shopping for broadband, never underestimate upload! Some broadband providers, like toob, offer symmetrical speeds, meaning your upload and download speeds are identical. By 2025, the government plans for 85% of homes to be gigabit-enabled, making full-fibre connections desirable for buyers.

Invest in your home today and get a head start with the future of connectivity.

home working

As the percentage of people hybrid-working continues to rise (24% as of May 2022) it’s only natural that home working, house buyers are beginning to prioritize a sturdy internet connection in their search. From video conferences to uploading and downloading documents, reliable broadband is a remote worker’s secret weapon.

Whilst thousands look to create the ultimate working space, dead zones and dropouts can lead to a frustrating workday with agonizing download times to your colleagues cutting out mid-sentence.

If your property suffers from intermittent internet, consider extending your coverage using a mesh network. This works by placing nodes around your home that ‘repeat’ your wi-fi signal rather than simply stretching it, allowing for faster, more reliable broadband (whilst also being an attractive benefit for potential buyers).

Find more on optimal router placement here:

fibre vs full-fibre

So, what’s the difference? Making the jump from copper (ADSL connections) fibre broadband offered superfast speeds that weren’t previously possible, however, these superfast speeds are no longer sufficient, and this technology has become obsolete, now surpassed by hyperfast broadband.

With toob, our fibre-optic cabling delivers a full 100% fibre service from the exchange to your property, allowing networks to provide near-gigabit speeds, more than 100x faster than what was possible 10 years ago.

What enables full-fibre to deliver faster speeds?

Fibre-optic cables are susceptible to less interference and have a much higher frequency rate. A higher frequency results in more available bandwidth which delivers faster speeds!

Even if you’re not in the market to sell currently, investing in full-fibre for your property is the best way to future-proof your home and meet the expectations of potential buyers in the future.

If our top tips for boosting your broadband still haven’t done the job, consider upgrading your connection to a full-fibre one. Bring your home to the 21st Century and experience, symmetrical 900 Mbps speeds that won toob “the UK’s Fastest broadband provider” title!

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