what is a good ping rate?

11th July 2022

Is something holding you back from those all-important wins? You could be at the top of your game only to be handcuffed by latency and high ping. But what is ping? Discover how full-fibre broadband allows you to level up your game, claim victory & carry-on flossing like a boss (optional).

there and back again

Ping (latency) is the time it takes for data to transmit from your device to an internet server and back to your device again. An easy way to think about ping is the reaction time of your internet. If you have a faster ping, you can expect almost no delay when inputting commands.

If you have a very slow ping however, you will likely notice a significant delay (or input lag.) Having a good ping is an important part of your broadband package and is imperative when online gaming, as this will likely mean the difference between winning and losing in competitive sessions.

(This is particularly noticeable in games like League of Legends or Call of Duty where faster reactions are needed.)

bigger isn’t better

Unlike your broadband speeds which are measured in megabits per second (Mbps), ping is calculated using milliseconds (ms).

And while celebrating your incredibly awesome 900 Mbps download and upload speeds is great, with ping you’ll want to be cheering for a much lower number. A good ping speed for gamers is approximately 40ms – 60ms. With toob you can expect to see your ping anywhere between 3 – 6 milliseconds (that’s way lower than average!).

You can use tools like speedtest.net to test your ping and make sure it’s within an acceptable range.

where else is ping prudent?

Ping isn’t just for gamers, it’s for life. But seriously, having a good ping rate is also important if you work at home and take lots of video calls or when streaming films and TV shows as both involve sending data.

If you are having issues with either of these, we recommend troubleshooting using similar steps as mentioned below!

1. Make sure you have a reliable connection
2. Use an ethernet cable to hard-wire your broadband
3. Cancel or pause any downloads/software updates
4. Limit bandwidth usage for when you really need it!
5. Upgrade your broadband to toob full-fibre

So, there you have it! You are now a pingmaster and can look forward to many chicken dinners in your future thanks to your new profound knowledge of ping. Ping and latency are often one of the main annoyances you might face during your time online so it’s well worth looking to improve it if you can, using our 5 steps or resolve it all with our full-fibre connection!

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