Southampton social housing residents to access full-fibre broadband with toob

24th March 2022

Southampton City Council housing tenants will soon benefit from access to the very latest broadband technology with full-fibre internet provider, toob.

A Southampton City Council survey of its Council housing tenants 1 has recently revealed that just over half (54%) of respondents access the internet every day. Regrettably, a quarter (25%) of respondents reported that they never access the internet, with 62% either not having access, or not knowing how to access the internet. These stark figures illustrate an element of digital poverty in Southampton, where an inability to fully interact with the world online exists.

toob believes that fast and reliable broadband is essential for communities to thrive in an increasingly digital world, as those who are left without access to these services are at risk of becoming increasingly economically, socially or culturally disadvantaged.

Through toob’s network investment and work with Southampton City Council, 18,000 council housing residents in houses and flats in Southampton will have access to toob’s full-fibre broadband service, which has so far been unavailable to them. The aim is to widen accessibility to improve digital inclusion and take a step further forward to bridge the digital divide.

With the announcement that the wayleave agreement has been signed, the network will be deployed over the next 18 months, Nick Parbutt, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of toob said:

“Over the last two years we have all become very aware of the importance of fast and reliable broadband.  Whether you have been trying to study or work from home, start a new business or simply enjoy the latest box-set, fast and reliable broadband has become essential.

Full-fibre is the fastest and most reliable broadband technology and I am delighted that we will be able to offer our services to the Housing tenants in Southampton.

“As a company, we exist to provide this vital service to the communities in which we operate and I hope that by providing access to our service to the Housing tenants in Southampton we are able to play our role in bridging the digital divide”.

Councillor Spiros Vassiliou, Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture & Heritage at Southampton City Council, said:

“We are delighted to be working with toob to allow Southampton Housing residents access to the latest full-fibre broadband technology. It will help increase access to high quality internet connectivity across Southampton.

“We want to ensure that communities in Southampton benefit from increased choice of broadband providers to enable them to have good access to the internet and flourish. This will help create economic, social and cultural benefits and create neighbourhoods where people want to live. By working with toob and giving Housing tenants in Southampton access to the broadband technology, we are widening accessibility to improve digital inclusion which supports our new Council administrations ongoing policy to Get Southampton Moving”.

Residents can check if toob’s full-fibre broadband is available to order by entering their postcode here!

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1 Southampton City Council Housing Tenant Survey 2021 (published 10/01/2022) available at