19th November 2020

toob has been rolling out its full-fibre network and connecting customers to faster, more reliable broadband in Southampton since the end of 2019. With the network roll-out progressing well, toob has identified the next towns where it will be deploying its network. Detailed planning has commenced across 10 towns across Hampshire and Surrey, including Camberley, Farnborough and Guildford. With build activity due to start in Spring 2021, the first customers are expected to be connected to next generation full-fibre broadband by the end of Summer 2021.

toob is providing individuals, families and businesses with access to the increased speeds and reliability of full-fibre networks. toob customers receive over 900 Mbps download and upload speeds for a price of £25 per month for 18 months. This is £16 less than the average monthly consumer bill including line rental, which is not required with toob broadband (source: Ofcom, Review of pricing practices in fixed broadband, 2019).

Hundreds of customers in Southampton are already benefiting from these speeds and the increased reliability full-fibre delivers. toob customer, and psychologist Phine Dahle, said: “Like many people, lockdown forced me into remote working and I needed to be able to carry out client sessions using video conference. As my work is quite often sensitive and certainly confidential, I needed to be able to carry on my day to day as uninterrupted as possible. A strong and fast broadband connection was crucial and thanks to toob, I have been able to do that.”

Nick Parbutt, CEO and Founder of toob, said: “We have always viewed the deployment of full-fibre networks as an economic and social necessity and the current challenges we are facing only reinforces this belief. With the announcement of our next locations, I am delighted that we can bring the benefits of full-fibre broadband to more families, business and communities.” toob will deploy its network to Aldershot, Ash, Camberley, Farnborough, Frimley, Frimley Green, Guildford, Mytchett, West Byfleet and Woking.

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