7th March 2023

The nation’s broadband bills are due to rise in the coming months, as major providers set out their annual price increases that float above the inflation rate. The eye-watering increases will hit customers this Spring, even for those who are mid-contract.

BT, EE and Vodafone have all confirmed a 14.4% increase in their prices; 10.5% by the inflation rate and an additional 3.9% on top. TalkTalk’s prices will increase by 14.2% and Virgin Media’s by an average of 13.8%. These increases will likely take place through April and May.

Having recently been named the UK’s fastest broadband provider, toob has announced that its prices will not be increasing alongside the market right now, and will also continue to provide its no in-contract price rise promise.

toob CEO Nick Parbutt said: “Costs are rising for everyone right now, and the major broadband providers are not helping. They are taking the opportunity to increase their profits by pushing through inflation-busting price rises for their customers even in the middle of a contract.

At toob, we value the relationship with our customers and are committed to never increasing our prices mid-contract.  Our customers can have confidence that we are only going to charge you £25 a month on an 18 month contract for the length of the contract, and for this, you get all the benefits of full-fibre broadband with its incredible speeds and reliability.” 

 Virgin Media and Sky broadband customers will have the opportunity to break their broadband contracts, without penalty, as a result of their price increases. For customers with other providers, however, it is recommended to check their contract end date for when they can leave without penalty.

Nick urges anyone in toob areas to consider their options: “Whatever provider you are with if you can get toob at your home, please call us and we can help by talking you through your options. Hundreds of customers have already called however, we would be delighted to be able to provide you with better broadband, at a great price from a local company that you can really trust.

Contact us on 023 9300 9300 to find out more, or click here to use our interactive price rises calculator to work out how much other broadband providers will by hiking their prices by!

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