30th August 2022

ISPreview has found toob as the fastest broadband provider in the UK!

Full-fibre broadband provider toob, has recently taken the number one spot in ISPreview’s recent investigation into the fastest broadband providers in comparison with other gigabit capable alt-nets and ‘mainstream national players’ across the country.

The examination was part of the ISPreview’s bi-annual review into the UK’s average broadband download and upload speeds. The reviewer measured toob’s performance with an average download speed of 934.5 Mbps, a far cry from the bigger players that ranged between 47 Mbps to 185 Mbps. You can find their full article here!

toob currently serves the Southampton area, recently starting to connect customers in Camberley and is rapidly expanding across neighbouring towns across the South of England.

toob’s offering is simple, one speed and one price of 900 Mbps download and upload speeds for £25 a month, with no in-contract price rises – a refreshing change from complexity and cost offered by mainstream providers.

Nick Parbutt, CEO of toob said:

“Being recognised as the fastest broadband provider in the UK is great, however the real win is being able to provide all of our customers with access to these speeds allowing them to reap the benefits of full-fibre broadband.

“In an increasingly digital world we want our customers to be able to stream, surf, work from home and game, confident that their broadband is more than up to the task.”

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