Jessica's story: next level broadband

30th June 2022

Finding the time for your hobbies can be difficult these days, especially with a busy work life. A recent Ofcom survey found that, in total, 60% of UK adults are also gamers. Home gaming has come a long way in the last 10 years, and with the latest update to FPS shooter Call of Duty taking up a whopping 43.2 GB or almost 2 hours to download, consumers need stronger, faster broadband more now than ever!

We took some time to catch up with toob customer Jessica to see how switching to full-fibre has allowed her to leave the lobby behind and level up her game.

"you honestly could never go back"

Working during the day as a trainee-teacher, Jess along with her husband enjoy coming home and streaming their favourite shows or gaming online. Due to constant troubles with her previous provider this wasn’t possible. Here’s what she had to say.

“Between the two of us, our broadband definitely takes a hit in the evenings. At any one time we can be streaming HD movies in one room while playing games online with friends in another.”

“I was experiencing bad lag and stuttering during important lessons and meetings, buffering with UHD/HD films and our games would glitch and sometimes crash due to slow download/upload speeds.”

Between important studies and stressful evenings. Jess needed a fast, reliable connection that she could count on. She went on to explain how she found toob and why she made the decision to switch to a different Internet Service Provider.

“I was recommended by a friend of mine who spoke highly of the service. I had been feeling frustrated for a while with my old provider, not only because of poor connection but also due to long delays with customer service in trying to resolve the issues.

So, when I heard good things about toob and saw the good reviews, I decided to take a chance and haven’t looked back!

Full-fibre freedom isn’t just a catchy tagline for Jessica and her partner. She went on to express the joy she felt after getting connected and explained how better broadband has upgraded her game like never before!

“Now we can seamlessly stream on multiple devices. There has been a massive improvement with my online experience since switching to toob. We can now simultaneously play games such as Elden Ring and Final Fantasy online with no loss of loading speeds.

“Previously my ping would fluctuate massively and lead to really bad latency which in fast-paced games like Call of Duty was a gamebreaker. Now we rarely see our ping number going above 3 to 4 ms, even whilst my husband is streaming HD films or playing online himself.”

Now that Jess could get back in the game, she went on to explain how toob’s offering and customer service have been second to none and helped solidify her decision to switch.

“Being able to speak to a local person about the service really gave me the confidence to switch provider. [toob] understands the area needs and their local outlook really sets them apart from larger ISPs which is very refreshing!”

toob has been a gamechanger in how I approach being online. If you also game online the difference is immediately noticeable, and you honestly could never go back, and really why would you!”

If like Jessica, you’ve felt disappointed with the service from your broadband provider and are looking to supercharge your gaming sessions, check your postcode below for full-fibre availability in your area!

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