Pedro & Natalia's story: no lagging behind

11th July 2022

Having the world at our fingertips has allowed data to be shared at a speed like never before! Emails, video calls and direct messaging enables for almost instantaneous communication, anywhere in the world, enabling home (or hybrid) working to become easier and more accessible.

toob customers and couple Pedro & Natalia, are hardworking home-workers who love to kick back by inviting friends over, lighting up the BBQ and tucking into delicious home-cooked grub.

We took some time to catch up with the pair, now they were connected, and discover how full-fibre broadband has turned around their turnaround, saving them time and their clients’ money!

“speeds are spectacular, what more could you ask for?”

Working full-time as a landscape architect and graphic designer respectively, Pedro and Natalia’s broadband make working from home a breeze, thanks to their new full-fibre connection. But it wasn’t always this way. Here’s what Pedro had to say:

“Working from home most days of the week, having good internet is essential. A typical online meeting has people from all over the world working simultaneously on the same project. No one wants to be the one lagging behind!”

“Before we moved provider, we suffered from constant (almost weekly) internet breakdowns and painfully slow download speeds. It was especially bad when multiple users would connect at the same time and made things like online meetings or even streaming a movie especially difficult!”

Struggling with bandwidth stretching and throttling is a common issue with ADSL and standard fibre connections. So, what prompted Pedro & Natalia to finally make the move to full-fibre?

“We first saw a flyer after it was delivered to our previous house. After we saw what they were offering we decided straight away that switching to toob would be a priority for when we moved. After all, who doesn’t want hyperfast internet for a low price?”

Working in design, making things look nice comes as second nature for Natalia who expressed her joy on installation day.

“The technician was very kind and willing to listen to our needs. No one wants an odd box in a weird place, he was more than happy to work with us when installing the receiver in our home. Professionally, faster speeds have been crucial for both of us, working in consultancy, as faster broadband gives us more hours in the day. The connection is much more reliable than our previous provider.”

Feeling that full-fibre goodness, Pedro reflected on his positive experience with toob.

“So far, we are very happy! With toob you get exactly what you asked for, hyperfast internet at a good price. The customer service is impeccable. The speeds are spectacular. What more do you need?”

“Since installing toob, we are now able to download large amounts of data much faster without any disruption. The speeds are amazing (even over wi-fi!). This has been great for us personally as we often stream music, TV shows and films at the same time and have had no issues with buffering.

Jump ship on your old connection and get set with feel good full-fibre. Join Pedro, Natalia and thousands of other happy toob customers on our full-fibre network and get symmetrical 900 Mbps download & upload speeds, for only £25 per month!

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