Kingstar Services: boosting Phillip's business

25th July 2022

In 2022, a reliable broadband connection has become an essential cog in a well-oiled business. From virtual meetings to cloud-computing, the shift to online working has transformed the way business’ now approach their day-to-day activities.

We sat down with Kingstar Services MD, Phillip, to find out how switching to toob has allowed his IT support company to flourish thanks to the speed & stability of toob’s full-fibre broadband.

“toob is the fastest wi-fi we’ve ever had”

With most of Phillip’s business tasks requiring the internet, he knows just how important a quality connection is, especially with toob’s symmetrical speeds and reliability making his remote monitoring and cloud storage tasks a doddle!

Roughly 65% of my business is done online so the internet is vital to us as a company. All our training material is also stored online which makes having a quality internet connection an absolute must. It would be disastrous if we were to lose it.

With his new full-fibre connection up and running, Phillip recounted the ease of toob’s full-fibre installation to his premises.

 “When installation day came, the engineer was absolutely brilliant! Very polite, obliging and even discussed with us where the optimal placement would be of our modem.”

“Once he had finished, he asked me where the vacuum cleaner was and got to work tidying up. It was one of if not the best installations that I’ve ever dealt with.”

Deciding to migrate your business to a new Internet Service Provider is a big step, Phillip explained the main factors in sealing the deal and moving ahead with toob’s full-fibre.

“It was the speed and stability that I noticed. The idea of having full-fibre broadband with 900 Mbps symmetrical speeds was a no-brainer! Now, I don’t get any stalling or buffering on my end and moving data to & from the cloud is instantaneous.”

Whilst having hyperfast speeds on a reliable connection is important, Phillip went on to explain the joy in putting the customer service team to the test.

“When I start asking technical questions (they’re going to be, coming from me!) The person I speak to is always coherent and very knowledgeable. Team toob really know their stuff.”

Reflecting on his experiences so far with toob, Phillip concluded with his joy of having a broadband provider that his business can rely on.

“I couldn’t be happier. toob looks after me and my business. Like I said the stability is there and there’s always someone on the other end of the phone who knows what they’re talking about.”

“The service is fantastic, the customer service is there. What else could you really ask for?”

If, like Phillip, you’re looking to boost your business to the next level with symmetrical speeds. Check your postcode below or get in touch with our friendly customer service team and fire your full-fibre questions their way!

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