Jana: breaking broadband barriers

8th August 2022 

Living in a busy household can be difficult at times. If it’s not the dishes, it’s disastrous wi-fi causing an issue between residents. Situations like this are all too common among shared housing (or HMO properties) that see more people connected to a network at one time when compared to standard households.  

In 2022, 24% of workers are now hybrid working, meaning the battle for bandwidth in shared homes has continued to stretch to a breaking point for many. With residents needing reliable, stronger connections we caught up with local landlady, Jana, to hear how toob’s full-fibre broadband allowed her (and her residents) to finally unwind in peace, thanks to our hyperfast speeds! 

"since getting toob, any broadband issues vanished overnight"

quest for better broadband

When she’s not surfing waves at the beach, Jana surfs the web from the comfort of her garden whilst managing her business, something that wasn’t an option whilst with her previous provider. Jana elaborated on some of the issues that she and her tenants were facing day-to-day, before toob

 “In a busy house with lots of people online it was difficult to unwind after a busy day with multiple arguments over the wi-fi. Not only was the internet slow, but it would also struggle to stretch beyond the room we had our router in. This made things particularly difficult in the evening if you wanted to relax, anything beyond the occasional social media scroll was a challenge and streaming HD films and TV was an impossibility.” 

 “And whilst the slow internet was an annoyance in the evening, it was during the day when I was working from home that sluggish speeds became unbearable. Who wants to be stuck inside all day surrounded by the same 4 walls! I’ve always wanted to move my ‘home office’ to a garden office but this wasn’t possible due to our slow, patchy connection that made something like this a pipe-dream of mine.” 

setting sail for full-fibre

Deciding it was time to leave bad broadband behind, Jana looked ahead to a brighter future full of superspeed streaming and chasing those garden-office dreams. But, with so many providers promising full coverage, what prompted Jana to switch to toob?

“I began my search online as I think anyone would. There was a lot of big names followed by an even bigger price tag and I began to give up on getting a good connection at home. Living in Southampton I had seen the advertising for toob around town which was my first exposure to the company.”  

“My friends knew I was struggling with my connection, they had good things to say about toob’s service so I looked at what they could offer me. After reading the Trustpilot reviews, seeing how fast the speeds were and how reliable the network was it became a bit of a no brainer really. Especially for only a fraction of what some of the big names were charging.” 

banishing the buffer

With her new network up and running, Jana expressed the freedom that full-fibre has given, not only to herself but her tenants too!  

“The whole process was very quick and user friendly, from registering my interest online to getting installed. Having been a toob customer for 9 months I can confidently say I made the right decision. Their whole network has been very reliable, the speeds are great. After installation, the engineer showed me a speed test of my new connection and I had a download speed of 930 Mbps! For the price, the service is fantastic. You can even refer a friend and get a £25 gift voucher, I wish toob was here 5 years ago.” 

Most importantly, did toob’s full-fibre mean Jana could achieve her dreams of garden-working? Here’s what she had to say… 

“Yes! Since getting toob installed in my home, any broadband issues that we faced before vanished overnight. Not only am I very happy being able to move my work to the garden but my tenants have been over the moon in being able to stream shows anywhere in the house.” 

Are you looking to expand your home office borders like Jana? Maybe you’re living in a busy house and facing slowdown or connection dropouts regularly? Put your broadband troubles to bed by joining the UK’s fastest broadband provider* today. 

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*accurate at time of publication. source: ISPreview, Top Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs for H1 2022 (https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2022/06/top-fastest-uk-mobile-and-home-broadband-isps-for-h1-2022.html/2)