get more for less with toob  

Are you paying more for less when it comes to your home broadband? At toob, we offer one high speed at one low price so you never have to settle for less.

Our full-fibre broadband package includes:

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
free installation
no in-contract price rises
UK-based customer service
all for £25 a month (18 month contract)

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broadband that won’t break the bank

toob’s mission is simple – to deliver a high speed internet service that is affordable, dependable and available for all.

Our 900 Mbps package is priced at just £25 on an 18 month contract. We also offer no in-contract price rises, so you never have to worry about your broadband bill going up when you least expect it.

internet speeds 48x faster than the UK average

We offer symmetrical 900 Mbps download and upload speeds which means you’ll never have to wait around for the latest online content.

With toob, you get 12x faster download and 48x faster upload speeds than the UK average* so making the switch to our affordable and reliable network is a no-brainer! 

connectivity you can rely on

toob provides a 100% full-fibre connection directly into your home – not just stopping at the street cabinet like most providers – and is the most reliable broadband technology in the UK. 

You’ll no longer experience slowdown at peak times, meaning you won’t face irritating lag or buffering whilst gaming with friends or watching your favourite TV show. 

Plus, we offer unlimited usage as part of our #toobpromise, so you won’t need to battle with your family or housemates over bandwidth ever again.

ready to get more for less?

We have a knowledgeable UK-based customer service team who can answer any questions you may have about toob and help you make the switch to better broadband.

Give our team a call on 023 9300 9300 or check your postcode to see if toob is available for your home! 


information correct as of February 2024. *source: Ofcom home broadband report 2023.