19th April 2022

Choosing the right broadband deal and finding the right provider can be a daunting task. With so many providers available, each offering different packages, prices and speeds. It’s no wonder, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau, that 75% of us say they find the information on most adverts for broadband too complicated to compare deals. At toob, it’s different, we like to keep things simple, offering full-fibre broadband that has one high speed, and one low cost.

simple speed

When searching for broadband, you’ll inevitably come across different packages with varying internet speeds. But how do you know which is right for you, and why is speed important to your broadband in the first place?

Simply put, speed is at the heart of your internet connection and determines what you’re able to do online…

  • The higher your internet speed, the more devices you can connect at the same time, like your phone, laptop, smart speaker and TV. Your speed will ensure they all stay connected and work smoothly and effectively.
  • Speed also affects the activities you intend to do online. For instance, if you are streaming or video-calling, you’ll want high speed to ensure it doesn’t buffer or drop-out altogether.
  • Speed will also affect the load time for websites, whilst also determining how fast you can download and upload.

At toob, we simply offer one high speed, because unlike other providers, our full-fibre brings the connection directly to your home. You’ll get a massive 900 Mbps for both download and upload; 17x faster download and 90x faster upload speeds than the UK average. And, we won’t cap this speed to ensure you get the LOT, whilst keeping download and upload at the same high speed.

simple sums

So, you’re probably thinking that this high speed comes at a cost… and it does: £25 per month on an 18 month contract. That’s it. One low fee, for one high speed! And the great news is, we don’t raise our prices annually like the big providers. Additionally, with toob, you can be rest assured that you won’t come across any in-contract prices rises. What you sign up to pay, stays that way, even when it come to the time to renew your contract!

According to Usave, the average monthly bill for ‘ultrafast’ broadband this year is coming in at £61.90! (‘Ultrafast’ is a connection with speeds of more than 300 Mbps but less than 1000mps/1gbps*). So, you could be paying over double the cost toob, for potentially 600 Mbps LESS with other providers… Crazy!

simple solution

toob is a broadband-only provider, offering a simple solution to today’s internet requirements – giving your household the broadband speed it needs to cope with modern life, without line rental and complex TV packages mixed in.

Simple phoning –

The majority of us are now using digital or mobile phones to make our calls, and by 2025, the UK are due to see all phone calls transition to digital. So, why pay for a phone line you may not even be using? With toob, there’s no line rental for an old, unused phone line. Find out more on how to make digital landline calls in our blog: can I have broadband without a phone line?

Simple streaming –

Many households are streaming entertainment digitally via phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and smart TVs due to the rise in online platforms and such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Freeview. The landscape of TV is changing, and now more than 13 million UK households have at least 1 streaming subscription! With this in mind, a full-fibre connection is all you need to watch what you want, when you want.

simple surfing

Full-fibre makes surfing the web a doddle. No longer will you need to go and put the kettle on whilst the ‘wheel of doom’ circles round and round to get you on to a website. Simply, the internet ‘just works!’ which is just how it should be!

Simple ways full-fibre just works:

  • The reliability that full-fibre gives is due to its strong fibre optic cabling that is designed for the use of the internet, giving you less drop-outs due to less interference!
  • Say bye-bye to buffering as you’ll simply be able to watch, download and stream with no freezing at the optimum moment in the film, or pixilating due to the weather outside!
  • toob’s speeds make surfing the web easy, as there’s less ‘ping’ and ‘lag’ which basically means less time between your instruction to the internet, and you receiving what you’ve asked the internet for, i.e wanting to get on to a web page. You’ll get there superfast, super easy!

So if it’s simplicity you want… look no further than toob. A simple price for a simple high speed, with a simple contract! Life can be so unnecessarily complicated, and it doesn’t need to be. Let toob take away the fuss, fret and frustration and replace it with full-fibre freedom.

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