6th December 2021

Online streaming is now a huge industry that has overtaken the way we consume media today.  Whether you pay for your streaming content, or use free platforms, the business is now worth billions in the UK alone. Gone are the days where we would wait till 6pm every night to watch The Simpsons on BBC 2 (showing our age here!) – instead, now we’re a nation of on-demand streamers, choosing exactly what entertainment we want, when we want it.

But how do you get the best from streaming? Here’s how you can battle the buffer, resolve your resolution problems and kick your stutter to the gutter…

tv, video & film

Recently, Ofcom announced that UK adults spend nearly a third of their waking hours watching video content, with a daily average screen time of 5 hours, 40 minutes. Much of this viewing is via video on-demand and subscription-video on-demand (VOD and SVOD) that grew exponentially over lockdown. Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video doubled in viewing time over this period.

As movies, boxsets, sport and catch-up TV continue to digitise, a strong broadband connection is needed to ensure you get the viewing experience you deserve to enjoy your leisure time.

toob’s broadband stops the buffering and stuttering to keep your viewing frustration-free and high quality. Our full-fibre brings fibre optic cables directly into your property, meaning no matter how many subscriptions, apps and downloads you want, you’ll receive all your content at hyperspeed.

audio books, music & podcasts

Whilst video on-demand continues to grow, audio streaming grew to its biggest ever amount last year, with the UK playing host to 139.3 billion audio streams!

The popularity in music, audio books and podcasts, as well radio’s furthering transition to digital, audio on-demand (AOD) is now part of our every-day lives; just going to show that video didn’t kill the radio star.

With toob’s full-fibre and impeccable Wi-Fi, you can stream crystal clear audio through you smart speakers and headphones. What’s more, is we don’t bottleneck our speeds at peak times, meaning you can listen to what you want, when you want it.

live streaming, social & gaming

Live streaming is now massive too, whether it’s over social media or online games, many of us are watching as well as uploading and streaming our own content to a variety of platforms.

Unfortunately, many standard broadband providers don’t provide symmetrical speeds, meaning their upload speeds are usually much lower than their download. toob changes this by offering symmetrical 900 Mbps upload and download speeds. This means that you can broadcast your live streams over platforms such as YouTube and Twitch in real time with no lag, as well as upload your recorded streams in no time too.

And whether you’re watching TikTok dances, Facebook funnies or YouTube hacks, toob can ensure that its smooth viewing from here on in.

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Whatever and whenever you want to stream, toob can make sure that the whole household can access their platform of choice, simultaneously, with no decrease in speed or quality. With toob’s full-fibre there’s enough bandwidth to keep everyone happy. So, listen to that novel and binge that boxset because there’s no stopping you now!

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