welcome to wi-fi without limits

Unlock the full potential of your full-fibre broadband connection with latest wi-fi technology! At toob, we’re on a mission to provide faster, fairer, internet across the South of England and we’re excited to deliver our service via powerful wi-fi 6 routers.

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faster speeds

Our new router embeds the latest technology of wi-fi 6, enabling you to connect more devices than ever and wave bye-bye to buffering with a faster connection to your devices.

We recommend hard-wiring your devices via one of the ethernet ports for the fastest speeds.

world-class router

We’ve partnered with Linksys to deliver a state-of-the-art router, maximising the potential of your toob full-fibre connection.

The result is a router that delivers the best wi-fi signal, identifying and ignoring wi-fi signals from your neighbours, leading to less interference.

Whether you’re playing the latest video games or streaming in glorious 4k, the router makes sure it can deliver the best bandwidth within your home.

customise with the app

Customising your home broadband setup has never been easier! By downloading the Linksys app, you’ll be able to:

enable your guest wi-fi setting – got people over? Give them temporary, password-free, internet access

easily update your network name & password – stand out from the crowd with instant access to your network details

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