known objects that can affect your wi-fi

You might be surprised how many household items can significantly affect your wi-fi.

Electrical devices can turn on and off throughout the day and cause periods of increased interference. Even furniture, walls or reflective surfaces can disperse your signal so you’re not enjoying the full benefit.

Here’s a few things to look out for:

  • concrete (or some insulated walls)
  • thick timber beams/walls
  • windows, mirrors, large screens, fish tanks
  • sofas, TV stands and other large furniture
  • multiple power cables/adapters
  • some kitchen spaces and equipment
  • metal objects and underfloor heating
  • other Bluetooth or wi-fi devices
  • your neighbour’s wi-fi and equipment

The best location for your wi-fi router will be on an elevated surface in a central location (not in a cupboard or behind the TV).