22nd November 2021

With 3.24 billion gamers in the world, and the UK gaming market worth 5.3 billion GBP, it’s clear that we are a nation of players, challengers and competitors. The UK saw 52% of gamers on mobile, 28% on console and 25% on PC last year, with the pandemic raising video game playing by a staggering 43%!

So, whether you’re a casual, hardcore, retro or old-school gamer, you’ll need a decent internet connection to ensure you get the most from this pastime. With toob, we can eliminate rage-quitting and obliterate being ‘owned’ because your broadband is letting you down. Here’s how…

we work hard, so you can play hard

toob’s 100% full-fibre connection brings fibre cables direct to your home. Because its FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) you’ll get less packet loss and jitter. So don’t suffer the buffer with traditional FTTC (fibre-to the cabinet) broadband, our full-fibre connection means you can boss the game with the internet that’s got your back.

banning bandwidth

Online video gaming certainly eats up a lot of bandwidth, and if there’s multiple gamers in the house, the bandwidth can be stretched to its peak meaning you’re more likely to get frozen out. Our full-fibre can handle it all, plus, our unlimited data means that we won’t bottleneck or throttle your bandwidth as peak times, so you can game when you want, however long you want.

need for speed

With speeds of up to 900 megabits per second (Mbps), toob‘s  full-fibre is eight times faster than its ‘superfast’ high street rival, which starts at just 54 Mbps. Download speeds are 18x faster and 90x faster for upload compared to the average fibre broadband connection. In real terms, this means you can download a 50GB game in a little as 7 minutes and 57 seconds, so no hourly wait – you can spend more time playing and get that head-start on all your mates.

performance for players

Whether you’re gaming on the latest Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC or other devices, toob‘s fastest 900 Mbps speeds can be attained when connected via ethernet so your performance can peak, every time you play. No slow-downs and super low latency means you can stay in the game for longer, and experience streamlined gaming and a low ping between 3 – 6. Bye, bye glitches!

let’s get technical

Our router embeds the latest 7-antenna and beamforming technology, so you can keep all your devices connected at the same time throughout your home. It boasts dual band Wi-Fi, with smart channel selection, to ensure you always have the best connection. With powerful Wi-Fi and 4 gigabit Ethernet ports too, it’ll also make sure you get the absolute most out of your PlayStation, XBox or PC.

love to stream

Uploading is just as important as downloading and we’re proud to be the only broadband provider in the UK to offer 900 Mbps symmetrical speeds. This means our download speed is matched by the upload speed. But what do gamers need upload for? Well, with 1.2 million active users in the UK streaming gaming content on ‘Twitch’ and over 597,000 unique streaming channels on ‘YouTube Gaming Live’ this year, it’s clear we have a passion for recording, uploading and watching our gaming exploits.

It’s time to build your XP, move away from noob, pro and hacker broadband, to toob‘s god-tier full-fibre. GG! (good game)

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