15th November 2021

Are broadband issues fuelling frustrations in your home? Kids at war and doors being slammed because one of them is ‘hogging the Wi-Fi’?  Today we run through some of the key reasons for families to upgrade to full-fibre broadband, because you don’t have to stick with stone-age speeds and bandwidth blues that aren’t working for your brood anymore.

bandwidth battled

For many, the internet is a way to escape the pressures of the outside world. Whether you have a teenager that needs to finish their TikTok dance and upload it quickly, kids trying to build and survive in Minecraft, or parents that want to watch Netflix and unwind from their busy day – you’ll need a full-fibre, rock-solid, equal broadband that can handle it all. With toob‘s 900 megabits per second (Mbps) the bane of bandwidth is a thing of the past, with enough to go around for all.


smarter homes strengthened

Nowadays it’s not just the family that’s online, it’s the home around them too! Our homes are getting increasingly smart, with not just our working and gaming gadgets online, but even our household staples like washing machines, lightbulbs, speakers, security systems and more. Since 2017, we’ve seen a 26% increase in internet-enabled devices in UK homes.

We’re now also multi-screening more than ever, like surfing the internet on our laptops, messaging on our phones and watching TV in the same sitting. It’s a no brainer that the more internet-enabled gadgets a household has, the faster and stronger the internet speed needs to be. With speeds of up to 900 Mbps, toob’s full-fibre is 11x times faster than its ‘superfast’ 54Mbps high street rival.

house prices boosted

These days high-speed and reliable broadband is a daily life necessity. toob‘s faster speeds allow for a smoother, less frustrating internet experience which is not only desired, but needed for everyday life activities such as video calling, home working, streaming, gaming and more. Houses are now more desirable to buyers with better broadband. It’s estimated that houses with a strong connection could be valued 20% higher than one without, especially with full-fibre direct to the property.


pockets filled

toob offers affordable access to its network so everyone in the community can benefit. At just £25 a month, toob offer the cheapest and fastest broadband, as we own our network and have no line rental, giving you exactly what you need – fast internet – without the fuss of an old, unused home telephone line. We’re around half-the-price of what the big six charge, and we give you higher speeds. So save your family from suffering the buffering and choose value for money full-fibre broadband that’s right for your home.

arguments solved 

Long gone are the days where the family would bicker over who controls the remote at tea-time. These days arguments can start simply over who’s perceived to be using up the bandwidth, with 33% of you at war with parents or children over it.

A full-fibre connection can stop household squabbles before they even start. With lightning-fast download and upload speeds the whole family can connect their many devices and enjoy the same browsing experience. No more hollering up the stairs “get off so and so device”.

digital gap abolished 

As our homes have more connected gadgets than ever before (the average home with three children juggles a whopping 15.4 internet-enabled items on one connection) an unfairly weighted broadband divide in your home can be a daily occurrence, causing problems for some family members.

The beauty of a full-fibre connection is that there is no digital gap. The whole family can connect their many devices and enjoy the same experience, at the same time. There are no usage restrictions or the need to compete for bandwidth.

So battle the bandwidth, strengthen your smart home, boost your house price, fill your pockets and solve arguments with toob – it’s a no brainer!

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