8th November 2021

Tired of in contract prices rises and want to know how to beat the broadband price hikes? Here at toob we want to help make sure you’re getting the best value for your money, and not paying more for the same old broadband speeds.

hiking high!

Annual price hikes are unfortunately common, with ISPs raising their prices by an average of c.4-6%* every year. Some providers have regular inflationary increases that feature in their terms and conditions, whilst some implement surprise price increases that are unpredictable and are laid outside of their T’s and C’s.

At toob, we’re all about keeping it simple, no in contract price rises or hidden charges on your bill. We offer a flat rate of £25 per month for our 18 month service, with no price hikes mid-contract, which means you can relax and know exactly what your bill will be, each and every month.

easy switching

Did you know… that if the price of your broadband has increased unexpectedly, you have the right to cancel your contract without paying cancellation fees.

According to Ofcom: ‘broadband providers can change the terms of a contract so long as they give you a month’s notice. If your provider increases your monthly price beyond what you agreed when you signed up, it should give you at least one month’s notice of the price rise, and allow you to exit your contract without penalty if you choose to.’

With toob, you’ll never have the stress of scrolling through switching sites to find a better deal because your provider has increased your bill throughout your contract. We offer simple, affordable access to our full-fibre network so everyone in the community can benefit, regardless of income, technical knowledge, or age.

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