top 6 reasons to choose toob as your next and last broadband provider (part 2)

3rd November 2021

As we hurtle towards 2022, the need for a superfast broadband speed is higher than ever before.

Our full-fibre broadband is firmly solidifying it’s place amongst the new generation of broadband. Not only are we superfast, reliable and future-proofed but we also care about our customers and our communities. Here are the next 3 reasons why you should choose toob as your next and last broadband provider…

4. our price promise

We’re all familiar with the seasonal drill, a letter pops through the door stating that your broadband provider will be undertaking yet another annual price rise. With most providers raising their prices by 4-6%* each year, many people have lost trust in the system.

We offer simple, affordable access to our full-fibre network so everyone in the community can benefit, regardless of income, technical knowledge, or age. Our prices will never rise mid-contract so no nasty surprises for anyone.

With toob, you’ll never have the stress of scrolling through switching sites to find a better deal because your provider decided to hike their prices up halfway through a contract. With toob there are no mid-contract price rises. We offer a flat rate of £25 per month on our 18 month contract, with no price hikes.

5. excellent customer service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We want to take them on the full-fibre revolution journey with us, and to do so, we must look after them. Real people want to speak to real people. No one wants to get stuck in the tiresome endless loop of automated messages when all they want to do is speak with a human. That’s why you’ll get straight through to a local operator if you call us.

We want our customers to be satisfied, which is why we invest heavily in training for our customer service team. Don’t just take our word for it though, head on over to our Trustpilot page where we have been rated excellent! Our customers have left their thoughts on not just our full-fibre broadband but their toob experience as a whole.

6. our sense of community

When Nick, our CEO, came up with the idea for toob, working with local charities was one of his top priorities. We love nothing more than giving back to the communities we operate in; we are nothing without them. We aim to make the areas we lay roots in stronger, more efficient and grow, just as we will, over time.

We work with many different local communities, and are extremely proud of the initiative we created with City Catering after we heard there had been a visible increase in Southampton’s residents needing access to support and food. We’re also delighted to be premier partners to Southampton’s bid for the City of Culture 2025, as we share the same belief in the future success of the city.

Click below to check your postcode today, and see if our future-proof, fast and reliable broadband with no in contract price rises, excellent customer service and local community passion is ready for your home!

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