Experience an internet connection the way it should be with toob full-fibre broadband. Everyone in your home can work, stream, download, game and surf all at the same time without the connection buckling under the strain. Plus, get free installation on both our fixed & flexible contracts!

900 Mbps download speed
900 Mbps upload speed
ideal for multiple-device households
unlimited usage
no line rental
free installation: limited time only!

no more “who’s hogging the wi-fi?”

The beauty of toob’s wi-fi is that there is no digital gap. The whole family can connect their many devices and enjoy the same experience. There are no usage restrictions or the need to compete for bandwidth. Make squabbling among yourselves over who’s taken over the wi-fi connection a thing of the past.

great value home broadband

Here at toob our values are simple – to deliver a fast & affordable internet access so that everybody can enjoy the benefits of a full-fibre broadband connection, regardless of income, technical knowledge or age. We offer two contracts to suit every need: a fixed 18 month contract for just £25 or a commitment-free rolling option for just £33 a month.

smart homes need smarter broadband

Whether it’s an energy meter or a lightbulb, home security or products synced with the internet of things, there’s hardly an object in your home that you can’t upgrade to a smart version now. Your home is slowly becoming more and more digital and you need a solid foundation to support that. That’s where toob come in, our full-fibre broadband will never buckle under the strain of multiple devices and you’ll never be left in the dark.

homeworking that really works

Flexible working looks like it’s here to stay but households with standard fibre broadband could be sharing a cable box with up to 3,000 others – not ideal when you need a secure and reliable connection! Even if just half of these residents are working from home at the same time as you, your broadband is sure to be lacking in speed.

With toob’s full-fibre broadband, the connection is yours and only yours.

900 Mbps
symmetrical upload & download speed
9 seconds
all it takes to upload 100 images (1GB) to the cloud
47 seconds
download a 5GB high definition movie
8 minutes
download and install a 50GB console update or game

unlimited fun for the whole family

Whether you have a teenage son that wants to play Fortnite with his friends, a young daughter obsessed with watching unboxing videos on YouTube or you’re a mum or dad that simply wants to stream their favourite shows to unwind from a busy day – our broadband is right for you.

what else does toob offer?

future-proof fibre, straight to your home
no unexpected price-rises
dedicated customer service team available 7 days a week
no line rental

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