15th January 2024

Full-fibre broadband provider, toob, expands to thousands of homes across Chichester and Bognor Regis in partnership with CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full-fibre platform, increasing broadband accessibility and digital inclusion in the region.

As the cost of living crisis continues, prices are rising faster than wages with many people facing difficult choices around affordability. As a result, almost a million people have switched off their broadband.

toob believe that fast broadband should be available for all, so despite the difficult economic climate, their affordable full-fibre broadband could be a digital lifeline for many in this situation. toob also has a strict no in-contract price rise policy, which means no nasty mid-year surprises.

toob and CityFibre’s partnership agreement will see toob’s industry leading 900 Mbps broadband service made available on CityFibre’s full-fibre broadband network in Chichester and Bognor Regis. This technology is different from traditional broadband, with a fibre optic cable running directly into the home.

Full-fibre delivers faster connection speeds, no matter the time of day, and greater reliability when compared to traditional copper broadband. The full-fibre network promises Chichester and Bognor Regis residents a faster, more reliable internet connection with 12x faster download and 48x faster upload speeds than the UK average. (Source: Ofcom 2023)

 Nick Parbutt, CEO, toob, said, “We are delighted to be able to offer our full-fibre broadband service to Chichester and Bognor Regis. We believe that fast and reliable broadband is a necessity that should be available to all and are committed to delivering the fastest, most reliable service, using the latest full-fibre technology, at an affordable price.”

Dan Ramsay, Chief Marketing Officer at CityFibre, said, “We’re excited to be working with toob as they extend their services over our networks in Chichester and Bognor Regis. toob are an exciting and innovative partner and it’s great to see them expand their offering to even more homes across the South.’

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