3rd April 2024

Fullfibre broadband provider, toob, is increasing prices on its new contracts for its 900 Mbps service. toob’s price has been a static £25 for the five years since its launch, ensuring that its high bandwidth service is provided at a price substantially lower than other key industry players. This price has been maintained through countless inflation price rises that are commonplace across the industry.

While the cost of toob’s broadband service will increase for new customers and those on rolling contracts from May, unlike many other broadband companies, toob has a no in-contract price rise promise.

toob’s existing customer contracts will remain untouched, staying put at the existing £25 per month until the contract end date.

In another unusual move, toob will be contacting all current customers who are nearing the end of their 18 month contracts with the opportunity to recommit at the existing £25 price point to ensure its existing customers can continue to benefit from the best deal available. Customers who are eligible for the deal will be contacted directly in the coming weeks.

Nick Parbutt, CEO, toob, said “Like anyone at present, toob is not immune to rising costs and we are having to adjust the price of our 900 Mbps service on new contracts from mid-May. We believe in making the benefits of full-fibre broadband available to all through one simple proposition, and at £29 for 900 Mbps, toob’s proposition continues with this approach by remaining more competitive than any of the major providers in the UK.

“What’s more, when you enter a contract with a broadband provider, we believe the price should remain the same for the life of the contract, and toob’s customers can continue to be reassured that there will be no mid-contract price hikes.”

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