Terry: finding full-fibre freedom

29th August 2022

There can be nothing more frustrating than finding your groove on a work project only to be put into a timeout by your broadband connection. Despite many full-fibre providers promising superfast speeds, what happens when you simply can’t connect to that network?

We spent some time with toob customer Terry as he explained how it was network reliability that was most important for him when choosing a broadband provider.

"you really don't need anything else"

“About 3 or 4 years ago I decided to go with a well-known provider because they were offering speeds much faster than the competition. But the problem was, they were unreliable. Fast, but their network would go down and take 2 hours to come back online, which is a killer when I’m supposed to be working from home!” 

“We saw toob being installed on our road and decided to ask what it was. We received some cards through our door explaining the price, speed and service. And we said wow! That’s it? Simple… You don’t really need anything else do you?” 

Taking his first steps into a better-connected world, Terry decided it was time to put toob to the test by comparing his new network performance to his previous provider. 

“What I wanted to do was leave both on and do a side-by-side. But, as soon as I put toob on, I haven’t had one drop out! Normally I could lose connection 5-7 times a day for about 10 seconds at a time.

We even get coverage upstairs in our 6-bedroom house, I haven’t been able to find anywhere in the house where I wasn’t connected, and I’ve had absolutely no drop-offs!” 

Now that Terry could finally knuckle down and get his work done without frustrating disconnects, how did streaming content on-demand stack up to what he was used to?

“We’d never go back. Our previous package for entertainment was just so expensive and there is more and more to enjoy on streaming apps these days. What we wanted was to get someone who only offers broadband. The streaming has been better, and I haven’t seen it buffer yet! Especially when watching live sports which is notorious for that.” 

“With my previous provider, I couldn’t even get through to someone to cancel my service which is a typical problem with larger companies, although I haven’t needed to contact toob about any problems with my service so far.

toob are cheap, straightforward, and simple! We’ve got new tenants moving in soon to one of my properties, and I’ve already left toob leaflets for them!”

 If like Terry, you have been frustrated with constant downtime  and are looking to maximise your coverage it may be a good time to switch to our future-proof fibre. Check your postcode below for availability in your area!

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