local radio station, unity 101, connects to toob full-fibre broadband

We checked in with Ram ‘Kelly’ Kalyan, Station Manager of community radio station Unity 101. He tells us how having toob‘s full-fibre broadband has revolutionised the Southampton-based station…

“Well, its absolutely brilliant. It’s wired directly to our building, and it has been phenomenal. All our presenters and volunteers are in just in awe of how fantastic the speed is, how brilliant it is, and more importantly how reliable it is. We also know the connectivity will be solid, and steady, as it has been, and the possibilities of drop-off are virtually nil.”

The station aims to connect the community, and toob is thrilled to be as part of this. Kelly explains how our internet quality and speeds help:

“We are able to talk to people, we use a lot of Teams, Zoom and Skype, and those kind of functionalities. We find there’s no buffering, no delays, no lag, and its instant. When we want to access any websites, we are able to get it instantly, and it’s really, really fast. We are just amazed how quick everything is.

People are spoilt, and when they compare that to when they go home, they all say to me ‘wow, I wish I had toob.’  They want to do it, and can’t wait for it to come to their area.”

Kelly’s parting words say it all:

“toob. Everybody should have it, everybody needs it, to work, play and enjoy!”

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