Tony's story: connecting to New Zealand

13th October 2021

Thousands of people across Southampton are already taking advantage of the benefits our full-fibre broadband offers, with one of our many happy customers being particularly pleased with the service we offer…

We spoke to local Southampton resident Tony, about all things toob and why he jumped ship from traditional copper broadband, and how our broadband connects him to his family like no other broadband has done before.

Tony first saw toob advertisements on Facebook and was intrigued by a new provider. He wanted to know more so rang toob straight away to register his interest. After suffering the buffering with another provider for a while, something caught his eye outside his window…

One of the toob vans was parked outside his house with the team preparing to start laying cables. Tony asked the team when toob would be ready for him, as he was keen to cancel his existing supplier. Before he knew it, install day arrived for Tony.

Tony said: “I was very excited after I saw the advert on Facebook that a new broadband provider would be coming to my area. I was paying an extortionate amount for my old provider and only receiving around 80 Mbps. Then toob came along! Now I pay even less and receive even more.

“The installation was super quick and easy, the appointment took just twenty minutes of my day. I regularly check the speeds of my broadband and from day one my speeds with toob have been as promised.”

Being able to stay connected with family is something that is so important to all of us.  For Tony, as his daughter lives in New Zealand it was a must, as he rarely gets to see her in person.

He said: “My daughter is a teacher in New Zealand and due to the COVID-19 pandemic I haven’t been able to see her in person for a number of years. We regularly use Skype and Zoom to stay in contact. With my old provider our calls would drop out constantly and I could never see my daughter in HD, it was a fuzzy mess.

“Since making the change to toob I now see my daughter in full HD, it never drops out or buffers. The calls we have now are so simple, smooth and stress-free. We talk for longer than before now too, so our relationship has gotten stronger since getting toob.”

Although Tony should be enjoying his retirement, he works part-time as a professional photographer and has a very impressive portfolio. Choosing toob has made his job much more efficient and saved him endless amounts of time.

Tony said: “With my old internet provider sending images to an agency or client was a nightmare! It caused me endless frustrating experiences as it would constantly cut out during a send. I’ve lost count of the phone calls I’ve had to explain that I was sorry it was taking so long, but once again my broadband had cut out.

“With toob everything flies through the web at super-speed reaching the agency or client within minutes. I’ve gone from a non-working system to one that works 24/7 and I couldn’t be happier.”

This change in broadband has seen Tony’s outgoing household costs decrease too. Making a simple switch to toob has created a saving of £49 per month for Tony. He now has a higher level of disposable income to enjoy the finer things in life and can save up for those important plane tickets to be able to see his daughter in person.

If you are unhappy with your current provider or just want to see what full-fibre can do for your household check your postcode below to see if you can get that full-fibre feeling now or register your interest for the future.

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