16th August 2021

toob are connecting residents and businesses through the city’s newest full-fibre service
• The city’s full-fibre infrastructure is being revolutionised, bringing high speeds direct to properties, unlike standard fibre stopping at the ‘green box’

Local full-fibre broadband provider toob are in the midst of rolling out their full-fibre network across Southampton, investing £50 million into deploying its network to 100,000 premises over the next two years.

toob’s mission to transform Southampton’s internet experience has led them to become Premier Partner to The City of Culture, offering support in the city’s bid to become UK City of Culture 2025. Gemma Nichols from GO! Southampton explains:

“Digital connectivity frames our thinking and so the City of Southampton is developing a Digital Inclusion strategy to build confidence and opportunity for our citizens. Our first Premier Partner toob, is delivering 900mb internet access to bring the benefits of hyperspeed broadband to the city’s families, businesses and communities.”

The new infrastructure is already having an impact on how residents are using and feeling about the internet. toob customer Ed adds:

“It’s been a great experience so far. It’s been strange not having to worry about the internet, and just to wake up in the morning and turn on your computer and everything is going to work.

“Now we are with toob, it feels like we’ve always had it and that we’re experiencing broadband the way we always should have, so there’s no going back.”

With the lowest full-fibre price on the market, toob’s aim is to ensure their service is accessible to all, closing the gap in the digital divide. The divide between people is also narrowing thanks to toob, customer Simon Piggott said:

“My high bandwidth package enables me to keep in touch with my wife who lives in Asia, the speed and resilience keeps us on FaceTime whilst we sleep and our marriage flourishing because we have no down time, and slow speeds has reduced huge amount of connectivity stress on our connection time. Having toob services has not only kept me in touch with my wife but kept us together in such a difficult time. Thank you for your continued excellent service.”

toob’s broadband provides customers with over 900 Mbps on both download and upload speeds for a price of £25 per month for 18 months. Registrations of interest can be taken here to be kept updated for when our full-fibre broadband will be ready for your home.

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